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Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:46 am
by mechadave
I've been having trouble getting the phonejoy to work with fpse 0.11 in analog mode. I was told all I needed to do was have bluetooth on, bluez ime installed, the phonejoy paired with the phonejoy drivers selected in bluez ime, start fpse, load the iso, and the phonejoy should connect automatically with all buttons mapped and analog working. I have tried this many times with fpse 0.11 and bluez ime 1.13 and the phonejoy just doesn't connect, it keeps blinking green. I can choose bluez ime in ime selection and get the phonejoy to run with hardware button mapping in fpse but the analog doesn't work. Is anyone else having this problem or am I missing something to get this working?

Re: Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:24 pm
by followtheflow
I have been trying as well. What I found out, Phonejoy only connects when you have turned it on before you start FPSE. It also only connects if you have either selected BGP-100 or iControlPad. BGP-100 works partly but some buttons such as SELECT, L2/R2, and the analog sticks cause an FPSE force close. When chosen iControlPad some buttons only cause a START press, but nothing else. In the end it's not usable anymore. I remember in earlier versions this worked perfectly fine, but not anymore somehow. Could we please get a fix?

Re: Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:32 pm
by followtheflow
Update: got it to work with Bluez-IME and hardware button mapping. Would be cool to get analog support though.

Re: Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:24 pm
by JohnW
Did this ever get fixed as I can't seem to get the analog to work with Phonejoy. I have it working as a digital controller but it would be great for some games to get the analog sticks to work right.

Re: Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:25 pm
by bluezeak
Hi John...

You and I talked about this in one of your other posts. I know you've already been to this site, but I'm going to share it here for others that may see this. I just want to confirm - you've done this step right? Not using bluez ime, turn on the phonejoy, load a game in fpse, have fpse detect the phonejoy, and then use phonejoy?

I have an iControlPad, and it works great for me ... in softGPU mode. I can't get my iControlPad to work at all in OpenGL. I also can't get my iContorlPad to work with FPSE with BlueZ IME (though it works in text input screens with BlueZ IME so I know it works) - but I think that's a separate isue. Anyway - just want to know if you've tried it in both software GPU mode and OpenGL, with and without BlueZ IME.

The below is from phonejoy's website

From PhoneJoy's website wrote:The easi­est way to use FPSe is by using the Phone­Joy auto-config provided by FPse. For this solu­tion you do not need to launch/activate Bluez-IME, although you will need to have it installed and fully set-up.
All you need to do is to turn on your Bluetooth and Phone­Joy and then launch FPse. FPse should then notify you that it has con­nec­ted to Phone­Joy and from then on your Phone­Joy is fully set up and usable includ­ing its Ana­log mode. No fur­ther but­ton con­fig­ur­a­tion is needed. Your but­ton setup will be identical to that of a ori­ginal Play­sta­tion con­trol­ler, inde­pend­ent from what you have set up in Bluez-IME.

Re: Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:46 pm
by JohnW
Well its the 'not using Bluez-IME' that is a bit confusing. It says you need it installed. It seems to want to start on its own at times and there is no way to kill the app itself. It is shown running in the system tray on my Asus Transformer when FPse is running. I know that FPse will ask to turn on the Bluetooth and it will show the Phonejoy selection when loading a game so I think it is working. It just will not work with the Analog button lit up. So it doesn't seem that the left and right analog sticks work in FPse as analog that is.

I have tried doing basically the same thing with N64oid and it works fine. The games that are obvious when using analog (rate of turn varies with stick) work fine. I can not get the same results in FPse. I turned off OpenGL as it was messing up a lot of games such as Oddworld.

As of now I leave the analog switch off and map all the keys as digital. Most games I am trying on FPse work pretty well with digital moving (like shoot em ups) so for now I will use it this way. The guys at Phonejoy tried to be helpful but are busy working on another controller so can't take the time to test it out with the latest FPse. The guy who wrote Bluez-IME said he doesn't use FPse so he can't test it out. Not sure what choice I have if I can't get someone else to verify that the latest version of FPse still works with Phonejoy for analog.

Re: Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:20 pm
by smash
Finally managed to get this working. Pair up the phonejoy with phone and start FPSE with default settings - do not touch anything under the joypad > bluetooth settings but you MUST change joypad type to analog. That seemed to sort out all the screwy key mappings I was getting and I now have a working true analog stick.

Anyway that's what worked for me.

Re: shutting down BluezIME make sure you only turn bluetooth off from within Bluez itself and then you can close the application using app manager or equivalent on your phone. If you shut down bluetooth via phone control without coming out of BluezIME it's bloody difficult to get shot of it!

Re: Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:05 pm
by bluezeak
Good advice smash.

With my iControlpad I was able to uninstall bluez, and it still worked with fpse

Re: Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:04 am
by smash
Right I THOUGHT I solved it but I haven't!

After last nights one time success with getting the stick to behave properly with analog this morning I was back to square one :evil: .
So...with some persistence I now have a way of getting the phoney-joy to work properly and it's this:


BluezIME should not be running or be run manually at any point in this process!

1. Turn on Blue Tooth

2. Switch on phoney-joy and pair

3. Start FPSE (note that it doesn't give any message about connecting with phoney-joy on start up)

4. Quit FPSE (restart does not work for some reason)

5. Start FPSE again and press analog on phoney-joy this time you should see message saying "connected to phonejoy"


6. Enjoy proper button mapping and true(ish) analog sticks!


1. Quit FPSE

2. Open BluezIME and untick bluetooth to switch it off (accept any messages)

3. BluezIME should quit on exit but if not use app killer.

Finally, why the **** do we have to work this shit out?!!

Can anyone tell me if the icontrolpad is easier because I'm ready to put the phoney-joy on ebay, until it gets it's own proper driver rather than using the 3rd party Bluez it's just a PITA if you want to use analog (which I do - luckily the guys at phoney-joy don't as they told me in their support email - they're quite happy using digital. Good, that's OK then...)

Re: Phonejoy Analog and FPSE 0.11

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:06 am
by bluezeak
Smash, I can confirm that the analog works for the iControlpad.


The iControlpad only has 6 buttons so it is not a true replacement for the PlayStation control pad. For you / phonejoy, getting analog to work requires you to use builtin Bluez functionality, which means you can customize your buttons. Using bulletin Bluetooth doesn't allow you to do that. Therefore, as far as I know - you will be missing 2 buttons. You can use the onscreen buttons though.

To get the analog to work with iControlpad I don't need bluez installed (I double checked). If bluez is installed, don't use it (be sure it's turned off). Steps below:
- one time setup
    - go to controlpad menu, bluetooth, iControlpad.
    - go to controlpad menu, type, analog
    - quit FPSE
- turn on iControlpad.
- turn on fpse, choose game
- Fpse will scan for your device and should find it. Select it from the list.
- after a moment it will connect. Enjoy game.

Also, you should know that not all games work with analog. I tested with street fighter 2 and it doesn't work with analog at all. Lucky I was using that game to test with by chance or I wouldn't have found out. Ff9 (at least) works so I know my analog works, but street fighter 2 (and probably over games) don't work with nalog at all. To be clear, even the onscreen analog controls didn't work in the game.

I'm surprised you had to go through such a contorted setup. Do you use the bluetooth setting for the control pad in Fpse? I notice you don't mention it. Don't the Phonejoy instructions mention the need to do this to get it to work?