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FPSE and Icontrolpad support!

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:38 pm
by Clouds
Well first: Big thx for implementing direct support. It even works on my HTC Desire HD which is kind of a big deal because HTC phones are known to have problems with bluetooth stuff (because of sense UI).
Digital buttons working fine but there is one issue:

The buttons square and circle are switched around. For example if I hit the A button on my icp (which is in the same place as the square button on the psx controller) it inputs a Circle button. And if i hit the B button (same place as the circle button on psx) it inputs a square.
Hope this makes sense for you guys :) There is the possibility that it is a problem with my icp i asked also in the ICP forum here: ... with-fpse/

Other question: Is there analog support? (Dont have a game with analog controls atm)