[Request] Memcard choice and other settings linked per game

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[Request] Memcard choice and other settings linked per game

Postby dlanor » Sun May 03, 2015 9:51 pm

I have tons of PS1 games, and for many of them I like to use many saves per game, so as to create a sort of chronicle over the game progress. (I favor long-playing RPGs, so filling two MCs for one game is not hard. For some I've needed more.)
And even if I only used two or three saves per game, I would still need several dozen MCs to preserve all my saves.
This was a real problem back when I used only a physical console (had to backup/restore MCs via PCs), but should not have to be a problem with modern emulators, as 128KB per MC is a negligible amount of space in modern storage terms. So the modern solution is to simply create a separate pair of MC files for each PS1 game.

But it remains a practical problem still, since the first thing I have to do in launching any game is to use the emulator menu to select the correct memory card files, an operation I have to do twice each time. There's little point in having convenient PS1 game launch shortcuts when I still have to use a filebrowser twice per game session to ensure that the correct MC is used.

I think it would be far more useful if at the time of creating a PS1 game launch shortcut for the Android launcher the current MC choices were also saved as part of that shortcut, in addition to any other settings that need to be individual per game.

If this were done then each game could be launched by simple click on the Android desktop, to launch with all the individual settings it needs, including MC choices, and without needing any extra 'frontend' program (such as the traditional PC use of 'ePSXeCutor' with ePSXe etc).

Best regards: dlanor

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Re: [Request] Memcard choice and other settings linked per game

Postby schtruck » Wed May 20, 2015 7:00 am

i will set this as an option in a future version.

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