issue with update

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issue with update

Postby bryon1138 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:59 am


I am a new user and member. I have been having
a issue with the display as far as the Dpad and Button
They are small clustered in bunches of 6 little distorted
Dpad and button images. The games work as if the "normal"
dpad and buttons were there. I did not have this issue till
A few days ago when updates started rollin out. I did
A uninstall and reinstall with no luck. I downloaded an
Older version and the dpad and buttons were fine but
It ran soooooo slow. I'm on a lg optimus s and it is stock.
I am guessing it might have something to do with the skin
since the update. I would like to try adding a new skin but
The only one I got to work was huge but it did take the
Distorted little cluster of dpads away. I would like to just
Have the stock dpad and button skin from about 3-5
Updates ago. If anyone could help with this that would
be awesome. Hope I didn't sound to much like a idiot and
it doesn't sound like jibberish on my issue. Any help is

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