Can't Find fpse.ini on Galaxy S....

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Can't Find fpse.ini on Galaxy S....

Postby SpYdoR » Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:14 am

I Can't find the fpse.ini file on my Samsung Galaxy S. MENU--->INPUT--->PAD TYPE = Digital. The OVERLAY PAD

Reads: /data/data/com.emulator.fpse/files/skin/. Connecting to USB, I don't see This Listed, so I Added This Path to my SD Card. I Also

see that "data" is listed Twice :?:, and I have the Romfinder residing @/data/com.devjoey.romfinder by default, so that's where I placed

the Path, now these 2 folders are in "data". Am I doing something wrong, or can it be that I can't Access the .ini file by default like

WinMobile Users Can? My Games Play Great for the Most Part, but I wanted to Check Out the Overlays Feature. Any Help would be

Greatly Appreciated. Thanks. :mrgreen:

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Re: Can't Find fpse.ini on Galaxy S....

Postby AlexTheStampede » Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:37 pm

That path is a system one, can't be seen using an usb connection. Either push the files with ADB or use a file manager on the phone.... not completely sure, but you might need to be rooted to access that path.

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