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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:53 am
by Q8-V08
Does screenfiltering only work in software smoother image?
It disables / enables with software smoother image and I see a difference on the pixelation of low res 2d backgrounds.
In software faster mode it's appears always filtered even if I untick it.
In software high definition it's appears always unfiltered even when ticked.

Maybe i'm wrong but aren't the shaders scalers meant to provide a screenfiltering like equivilant for software high definition? the TVscanline & sharp effect work in both but i'm not seeing any improvement using the scalers, I can't tell the difference between them.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:42 pm
by Android 17
Hello, I have been lurking for a while but I just wanted to say thanks for the great emulator, love all the updates. I did have an issue which I was hoping would be fixed by now, but when playing Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete in software emulation, it cuts off the bottom part of the screen. Switching to OpenGL or Experimental fixes the issue, but the game runs horribly slow, even after messing with all the settings, even with frameskip enabled with an overclocked Nexus 5.

If you could look into the issue at some point when you have the time, I would really appreciate it and I'll make sure to update my rating to 5 on the Play Store. Thanks :).

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:43 pm
by schtruck
I promise it s fixed for next update

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Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:03 am
by bluezeak
schtruck (and everyone), hello! It's been a long time, I hope you are well!

schtruck - WOW! :shock: You've done AMAZING things since last I played with FPse! Very nice work sir!

I have several things to comment on, and rather than one very long post, I'll do several shorter posts.

Thoughts on menus:
  • Very nice work putting in the categories for 'misc'.
  • I think you should get rid of the name 'misc' and call it 'advanced'
  • Remove the options from the menu that can't be used. Some options don't work when you are in different video modes, specifically 'force monocore' (from 'system' menu) and 'hardware accelerate' (from 'video' menu).
    • does 'force monocore' work in blitter (software smooth mode)? I thought blitter was monocore, and NOT multicore?
    • remove 'hardware acceleration' if system is not running ICS?
    • does 'hardware acceleration' work in all video modes (if you have ICS), or just some video modes?
    • are there other options that should be removed / options that only work in specific video modes?
  • when in /misc/video sub menu, after you choose an item, you go back to /misc. Would be better if after you choose something in /misc/video it returned you to /misc/video, not /misc. Example: /misc/video/video mode -> choose 'video smooth mode', returns me to /misc menu. It should return me to /misc/video.
  • Remove the "OpenGL" item (misc, video, OpenGL) unless you're in OpenGL mode. You should only be able to choose which OpenGL plugin you're using if you're in the OpenGL video mode
  • 'Boost high res game' - only show up on games hard coded to use it - otherwise not show up.
  • move 'Video Mode' up one level, so it is directly under 'misc'. There would be two 'video' items under 'misc': 'video mode', and 'video options [adv]'. This change isn't a big deal, but the video mode is such a huge part of FPSE that it deserves to be highlighted / set apart in my opinion.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:05 am
by bluezeak
Control pad issues with iControlPad.


Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:13 am
by bluezeak
SD Card / Game scanning:

I LOVE the auto-game scanning you implemented long ago. I never used it though.
Whenever FPSE is set to autoscan, it take 2-3 full mintes for it to scan my device. It sits on 0% for 2-3 minutes, then it takes about 5-10 seconds for it to go from 0%-100%. I had about 12000 files on my internal memory, and 5000 on my SD card. I cleaned that up to 7000 files internally, 3000 on SD - it didn't help.
  • Can you set it so it doesn't scan every time you start FPSE? It should scan initially, and then only scan again when you ask (rescan)
  • Can you add an option so it only scans a location you tell it to (e.g. /mnt/extsdcard/games/psx)
  • What does 'manual input' do? I used it, chose a game, and ... it just scanned my whole system again (or so it seemed - it took 2-3 minutes and looked like it was scanning)

Also - which options require you to FULLY exit from FPse? Sometimes you can just exit the game ... but sometimes you have to close out of FPse entirely.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:44 am
by bluezeak
Video Modes

First though - you fixed OpenGL for FF VIII! I wonder when you did that ... you set it so the freeze-up on the battle swoosh, and when changing screens, just get skipped - well done! There was an option in PEOpS to do that, I thought (disable battle swirl). I wonder if that's what you did. Anyway - well done!

Software HD: 2x and 4x: so amazing! FF VIII was something I always wanted to play. OpenGL was too broken, and software was just ... too painful to play after seeing the awesomeness of HD. Software HD (SHD) works amazing!
  • SHD
    • 2x - runs full speed (and faster!), very rarely slower.
        - screenfiltering can be turned on and off
        - 20-30% faster with multicore (on my phone)
        - Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT) - noticed flickering on some of the frames around character portraits and dialog boxes
    • 4x run full speed most of the time, but (in FF VIII) slows to 30-40FPS on summons and other things.
        - screenfiltering - ALWAYS on. Can't disable.
        - 20-30% faster on multicore (on my phone)
        - FFT - no flickering on boxes.
    • I think I'll use 2x .... or OpenGL now that it works(on FF VIII)
    • Software 4x looks better that Open GL I think, at least for my tests in FF VIII. I'm amazed.
    • SHD - FFT - overworld map - broken. this was always a problem for video plugins.
  • 'fast' video mode (this is 'old' software mode, right??)
      - very fast with multi-core (huge increase in speed). But oddly choppy, and controls aren't properly responsive
      - what does 'hardware acceleration' do? this was introduced for this mode right, for ICS? Should you use hardware acceleration with multi-core on or off? I remember we had a lot of talk about this when it came out
      - screenfiltering - does NOT work with multicore. only works when 'force monocore' is enabled. super slow.
  • 'smooth' video mode (this is 'blitter' right??)
      - screenfiltering can be enabled or disabled
      - 50+% increase with multicore
  • OpenGL - as noted, you did some game specific fixes since last I checked. And I know you implemented anti-aliasing (which wasn't in the version Pete release). Very nice. Maybe you can update some of the descriptions of the options in the in-app FAQ / help file to be mre descriptive - like some of the descriptions I put on my OpenGL spreadsheet?

Is the Software HD entirely your creation, or is it a morph of the OpenGL?
In OpenGL, There were 4 main modes for OpenGL: emulated vram (software, supposed to be combined with 'full vram primitives via software'), black (disabled), GPU (hardware), GPU & software (hardware/software mix), and software. They were all 'opengl' but some relied more on hardware, some more on software. The 'software' one was the most compatible, but was hardest on the system. There was no "2x" or "4x" option that I remember in the original PEOpS though.

Again, well done!

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:08 am
by bluezeak

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:57 am
by bluezeak
Shaders / Filters (and video modes)

I'm really impressed with all the work done here! However ... I had a lot of issues with these, and .... in the end I don't think they made much of a significant difference.

  • Shaders work in sofware 'HD' and software 'smooth' modes
  • below tests are in 'smooth' mode and 'SHD 2x' mode - didn't test SHD 4x mode.
  • FXAA
      - makes things look kinda grainy to me
      - test game (final fantasy tactics) ran faster
      - everything was choppy. graphics seemed to by 'out of sync'. When screen would redraw, first one section (bottom half) then the other (top half) would be redrawn.
      - didn't test 'force monocore' - suspect it will work like the other 'scalers'
      - screenfiltering - works. Better with it off, since the harder lines help offset graininess
  • HQ3X
      - BROKEN in 'smooth' mode - FPse crashes to home screen (no error message).
      - about same speed as with it off.
      - HORRIBLE choppiness. Reminded me of 'fast' (old software) mode with mulitcore (force monocore OFF) - But, much worse.
      - 'out of sync' like FXAA - but much worse
      - I think graphics might have been better, but hard to tell
      - screenfiltering - I can't tell if it's working or not. I think it is, but difference between on and off is almost 0.
      - 'force monocore' - fps drops to ~7 for most parts of game.
      - I suspect the way this is using multi-core processors is broken.
  • Spline32
      - slower than with it off (makes performance worse)
      - very very bad choppiness - just like HQ3x, not quite as bad. Maybe that was just because it was slower FPS?
      - also 'out of sync'
      - again, can't tell if gfx are better or not really. maybe they are? too choppi though for it to matter
      - screenfiltering - works
      - force monocore - fps drops to ~5 for most parts of game.
  • Sharp Effect - makes things 'sharper' and can affect color. combined with 'screenfiltering' it's something I might use.
  • scanline effect - I kinda like it - but on test game (FF Tactics) it added a lot of red color. color was too red.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 4:25 am
by schtruck

thanks for all your reports! i will fix all you reported and listed. i appreciate.