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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:40 pm
by pigini
Just one question schtruck, did you make any progress with the touchpad implementation for Xperia Play running Gingerbread? Since most Play users are going to stick on GB as it is the official version and it is optimal for gaming it would be a good addition.


For me that's the only thing amiss in fpse. For some games touchpad would be the better control variant (steering in racing games etc.).

I believe, even one single final Xperia play version without OpenGL but with full touchpad support would be enough for most xperia play users.
What new versions does one need if everything on that single device works perfectly?
The engine as it is now is great and the performance and graphics are awesome with hardware-acceleration and enhanced 3D-rendering enabled.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:24 pm
by anTaiG
i900frenchaddict wrote:Guys with Gingerbread, seriously, you should try to have un unlocked bootloader and flash an ICS ROM

I know, many prefer keeping a full warranty, and some just fear to break their device (so it's more than recommended to read carrefully before doing anything)


.......I had the experience of gingerbread=> Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Sensation and trust me, the difference was just stunning

Not only Fpse was way faster, but also the whole device, the UI, every heavy 3D game I was playing, N64oid, just every single thinh was faster with ICS compared to Gingerbread.
I can't tell if the difference is as stunning on every device, but on my HTC Sensation and many other devices, it's just huge, it's like having a new phone

But I have an unlocked bootloader, rooted phone and OC'd processor. The warranty is not what prevents me to switch to ICS as a daily driver, it's the gaming aspect of the Xperia Play.

First of all both your phones have more RAM then the Play, thus handle ICS way better. Plus a lot of Play optimized games don't work, or if they do they are no longer optimized for the gamepad on ICS. So a combination of these issues and the sole fact that after trying ICS out, it's really not that much better for me since my phone is modded and includes a ton of tweaks and improvements.

And finally, not everyone has the courage or the know how to actually unlock the bootloader (for some US networks it's not free), so considering the vast majority of users that don't root their phones it would be a big deal to include touchpad support on Gingerbread.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:53 pm
by bagofcrap24
bluezeak wrote:
bagofcrap24 wrote:working great for me on HTC One X
FF9 has never been so playable with OpenGL
i made a little video to show :)
these are some of the biggest moves in the game so the slowdowns are as bad as they are ever going to be

That video was fanatic! ! How can it be so fast for you? (jelous).

That's not really the OpenGL2 plugin though right? Schtruck hasn't released it.

Also, it looks like you have advanced blending on - do you? It makes colors better, but often makes the screen too bright - too much contrast.

What did you use to make the recording?

:) Tegra 3 with graphics chip @ 520MHz, eats everything
no its not really the openGL2 plugin that was my bad it was the that was posted, i must have been daft and thought it was a test for GL2
advanced blending is not on, its just because the camera was soo close to the screen (poor focus) and the slight angle to get the phone to stand on its side makes it look like dodgy contrast
to make;
just used camera (Panasonic Lumix TZ5)
headphone socket to line-in PC for nice sound
Wii Classic Controller so i dont have to touch the screen and make it fall over
mux it all together in Sony Vegas

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:13 pm
by bluezeak
storm20200 wrote:
schtruck wrote:i'm adding all missing options (6 or 7) of the opengl plugin that make some games like chrono cross running well.

What else might it effect? Perhaps battle swirls in FF8 and FF9 would improve?

most of the tweaks schtruck didn't implement are game specific things. there are two ways to get info on them:
    - see my post on opengl (see my signatrure for link). in that post I have a link to pete's site. from there you can download the actual plugin. included in it is the readme and release notes. those will tell you most of what they do, though you have to dig through it.
    - install epsxe on a pc, and download and load the peops plugin. go to the configuration. there's a description of what the options do.
also, my opengl thread has tons of info about opengl - including a link to a spreadsheet that directly compares all the options from fpse to the pc release. It only compares the items that schtruck implements though. I'm going to try to update it to have everything if I can.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:54 pm
by molitar
I do not see the new options at all with the download of the new OpenGL when I redownloaded.. to make sure it was downloading I used Root Explorer and deleted the plugins and tried again. Now the bios screen itself looks normal until the pad shows up than I have 4 right sides of the pads repeating.. 4 R1 buttons and 4 right pad controls.

I go into the video options and I see no new settings at all. What I have selected for Chrono Cross is...

Print FPS
32Bits rendering
Texture Filtering
Special Frame Limiter

But this OpenGL does not seem to be the new one as now new options show in any of the settings I have tried.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:29 pm
by storm20200
I assume the new options will be implemented on the next version of FPse when they have been tested

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 10:50 pm
by schtruck
yes next version is arriving, with plenty new options in opengl mode , Circle button problem definitively fixed for people who are annoyed with this actually, big optimisation into audio engine, i got no more sound glitch on my xperia play with spyro 2.... checked tekken3 on my nexus7 with frameskipping in opengl, and that's perfect sound, especially with spusync.

Release tomorow in the journey GMT.

i'll propose to place configs, memcards and savestates to sdcard instead of memory like requested, a question asked when installing fpse for the first time.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:02 am
by bluezeak
Tumalu wrote:Pitiful enough I still have that problem that the screen is shaking when in software mode in combination with "screen filtering" on, making it less pixelated. Now I have to turn it off again for the screen to be steady. What can this problem be schtruck? I can confirm this didn't happen in version 0.29 and before...

that should go away if you turn on 'force mono core' I believe. However, this will probably make your device run too slow for 'filtering'.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:06 am
by Kayann
schtruck wrote:i'll propose to place configs, memcards and savestates to sdcard instead of memory like requested, a question asked when installing fpse for the first time.

Thanks for listening schtruck. I know that the experienced users of Fpse have all probably backed up, then shifted their memcards to their sdcards and then selected this new location from the config to achieve this same thing you are proposing, but for new users this is quite important. I was lucky I had only been experimenting with Fpse before I did an uninstall/reinstall and discovered everything was wiped. I am sure some other new user might not have been so lucky...

If I might also add, the way to select the directory for savestates is quite unusal and may cause confusion and errors. From memory I think you have to navigate to the directory you want then have to hit the back button to confirm the choice. The problem is that for 99.99% of uses across the android ecosystem, the back button is the cancel button, not confirm. Normally there would be an 'okay' and 'cancel' button as part of the GUI. The fact that when the app first opens the back button also functions as a cancel button (to cancel iso selection) and then fuctions as the menu button when hit again is all rather confusing and inconsistant as well. Of course we all learn to use it and get on with playing games, but it is still something that would be good to see addressed at some stage. Most apps designed with tablets in mind have a dedicated menu button. On phones there is often a dedicated menu button as part of their physical design. I suspect these things are already on your roadmap, but I thought it was probably worth mentioning them anyway.

So right now you are probably thinking "Are people ever satisfied?" :D

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:39 am
by Kayann
Apologies for the double post, but thanks to the discussion between bluezeak and Tumalu I have discovered an interesting fact that I did not realise before. I presume it is a bug.

I have always played with force mono core disabled to allow Fpse to run games like FF8 at full speed with the software gpu plugin. I have complained before about how blurry this looks, not like the crisp pixels of OpenGL (of course not everyone is a fan of crisp pixels! :lol: ). Please note I am not talking about the enhancements to 3D rendering that OpenGL provides. I am talking about the look of the whole screen, including 2D backdrops.
I have tried various options to see what they do, but most options don't make much noticeable difference. For example, enabling screen filtering appears to do absolutely nothing.

For a laugh (and due to the aforementioned discussions) I decide to enable force mono core. Wow. What a difference. The whole screen immediatly cleared up into the crisp pixels you'd expect (and are present in OpenGL). The cost of this is that Fpse runs just slightly underspeed...

Now, as soon as I uncheck force mono-core, the screen immediatley goes all blurry again. No other option has changed during this process.

Back in software mode with its crisp pixels, if I check the screen-filtering option, it goes all blurry as the filter kicks in. The frame rate tanks as wells.

From all this I conclude, for me at least, there is some form of screen filtering that is being forced on along with the multi core default option. This screen filtering is then turned off when Fpse runs in mono core mode. I am assuming this is unintentional. There shouldn't be forced filtering in any mode - I should be able to toggle it on or off regadless of the monocore setting. This will also be forcing lower framerates in multi core mode, which may be undesirable for those with slower dual core chips, or for more demanding games (presuming I am not the only one with this issue). I would be very grateful if this matter could be investigated. I can provide comparison screenshots if desired.