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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:55 pm
by yooin14

I recently got verizon galaxy s3. I started to test out fpse again on this device.

In ff9 with opengl installed by using web option, i get very choppy (stutter) screen.

I tried to look for force mono core feather but i couldnt find that option.

Any advice????

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:51 pm
by yooin14

I did exact same set up with this post.


However, I still get very choppy screen. makes this game not playable.

does fpse have any compatible issue with galaxy s3?

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:58 pm
by yooin14
FPS is fine. it's telling 50 ~ 60 on the screen. BUT It's actually very choppy. very weird.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:23 pm
by yooin14
Image is choppy, or is it in fact only sound? Is it smooth (but slow) without frameskip? Same "choppyness" with "Frameskip" and "old frameskip"? Tried "old frameskip" with "frameskip" disabled or enabled too?

(I know, many questions and no answer so far, sory !!!!!!!! )

Yes I tried, everything you mentioned. but Image is very choppy and slow. ( Not smooth.) feels like i am getting less than 10 FPS. But actual FPS is getting around 50~ 60. thats weird.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:11 am
by bluezeak
yooin14 - let's move your ff9 issues to the ff9 game specific forum - that's what it's there for.

I'll have some advice for you there, though I'm not sure that we can fix it. Check out that forum. Read through the comments from page 14 where I left my original post there to the current post.

Also, please check out my OpenGL post. There's lots of information there, especially issues about hardware. If there are issues with the Galaxy S3 I would like to get them documented.

It is worth mentioning here that user vainglorious has mentioned issues with his(her?) S3 as well. The S3 actually comes with two different possibile GPUs - the Mail-400 or the Adreno 225. Please look at my OpenGL post in the hardware section for info on how to check yours. The below link is the link to vainglorious's post about his(her?) S3 issues. Do you ever get any of the issues vainglorious talks about? "please close the app and choose force mono core in the setting", ""FPSE has exited, please close other active apps and restart FPSE". There's more info in that post.

Also, I see there's this post about the S3, though I haven't really paid attention to this one:

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:40 am
by deejayzee
These are my screenshots of Tekken 3, the first is from some pirated version, the second is from licensed. Both made in sowtware mode
The licensed one looks like in low resolution, but pirated looks pretty good, so maybe it is possible to patch original disc images to make them look better in S/W mode?

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:37 pm
by deejayzee
thefitz wrote:What are the chances screenfiltering is on/force mono core is off in the sharp screenshot and that screenfiltering is off/force mono core mode is on in the sharp screenshot?

Both screenshots are made when screen filtering ON/force mono core OFF, and both versions use the same save state slot

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:32 am
by bluezeak
Are you using the softgpu or OpenGL?

The softGPU shouldn't require any fixes.there are a couple options for enhanced graphics but you can use them or not, they shouldn't make a difference. The thing that has caused dime people issues is the system option 'force single core' which when NOT checked seems to give dime people issues. Filter mode will make things run very slow if you dint use dual cite, but the help file tells you that.

OpenGL uses hardware to try to make graphics look BETTER than they did on the psx. As such it is NOT 100% compatible. And there are many options to try to get games to work. You have to choose in many game - better compatibility or better graphics. And sometimes OpenGL just didn't work outer looks wrong and you have to use softGPU mode. Please see my OpenGL does not have all the answers but it will give you a lot more information. I update it and the spreadsheet as often as I can. I'm going to updater that post now mentioning the trade off between compatibility and graphics.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:56 pm
by Hideaki
I recently purchased the app at Google Play Store and it is saying that the version of my FPse is 0.11.28 and not 0.11.29. Is it just a bug of FPse or its a problem with GPlay?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:35 am
by bluezeak
Bug. Go to the Android system menu, applications choose Fpse, you'll see the real version. If it's not 11.29 there that a problem