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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby sektor_hustle » Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:55 pm

how long wait for emulator with ogl?

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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby schtruck » Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:00 am

Beta testers have reported somes serious problems today i've just finished to fix.

that's ready now, let me prepare finally the so long awaited Version of FPse for a release Tomorow.

Just played Croc in opengl on my Optimus 3D, and wow. The new Controls gives impressives sensations , graphically and in terms of gameplay... you won't recognize FPse.

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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby Rotkaeqpchen » Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:06 am

Yessssss! Tomorrow will just be like Christmas :D Good night!

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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby momo » Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:11 am

thelinx wrote:Why emu is not working on galaxy tab 10.1 ?
I select correct bios, and after that when I'm trying to select game it crashes. No galaxy tab support?

I having the same problem with GT 7+ I think it's honeycomb issue, but i manage it by placing the bios on the Internal SD, while the games rom on the external, hope that's help :)

schtruck wrote:Beta testers have reported somes serious problems today i've just finished to fix.

that's ready now, let me prepare finally the so long awaited Version of FPse for a release Tomorow.

Just played Croc in opengl on my Optimus 3D, and wow. The new Controls gives impressives sensations , graphically and in terms of gameplay... you won't recognize FPse.

awesome, thank you schtruk :D

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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby D69K » Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:23 am

schtruck wrote:Beta testers have reported somes serious problems today i've just finished to fix.

that's ready now, let me prepare finally the so long awaited Version of FPse for a release Tomorow.

Just played Croc in opengl on my Optimus 3D, and wow. The new Controls gives impressives sensations , graphically and in terms of gameplay... you won't recognize FPse.

Great news indeed :)
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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby thelinx » Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:10 pm

Momo the only problem is that tab 10.1 does not supports extendable memory ((
Schtruck please add galaxy tab 10.1 support.

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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby schtruck » Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:20 am

Don't forget to switch to Software gpu plugin and then reload it from MISC menu to update OpenGL plugin.

Switch to OpenGL plugin from Pete bernet by going to MISC menu and selecting download opengl plugin

FPse 0.11.92 Changes
- Fixed FF7 freeze at final battle.
- Enhanced Jelly Bean support, much faster.
- Fixed many differents bugs

FPse 0.11.91 Changes
- Fixed crash when emu is longtime in background.
- Managing Plugin Update more smartly.
- Added opengl game profiles. (no need to restart FPse, but sometime Game restart will be necessary)
- Fixed cover detection.
- Fixed shortcuts creation when no cover's found.

FPse 0.11.90 Changes
- Fixed another immediate crash which happened on somes device after starting games.

FPse 0.11.89 Changes
- Fixed an immediate crash which happened on somes device after Download screen.

FPse 0.11.88 Changes
- Fixed Audio Rendering engine, strange sounds and missing instruments.
- Added automatic support of Native Gamepad 1 and 2.
- Added Disable Navigation Bar for device without Navigation HW Buttons (Need ROOT, use Volume UP button to access FPse menu).
- Added Full transparency for Overlay button to hide them and let them available but invisible.
- Added new experimental full rewrited OpenGL plugin by ELLIS (Faster and Sharper). From Misc menu Switch to OpenGL
- Added Disable Native Gamepads support option from Misc menu, because somes pads aren't well handled by this way.

FPse 0.11.87 Changes
- Fixed CDROM timing, Yu-gi-Oh is now perfectly working, and surely fix other problems.
- Added new video option for OpenGL plugin to Fix garbage GFX problem on Qualcomm processors.
- Fixed Framelimiter and Frameskipping for OpenGL and Soft mode (New OpenGL plugin).
- Fixed Fixed CPU Drain Battery bug, FPse should work even better.

FPse 0.11.86 Changes
- Fixed CD Region detection, make new games working like Toy Story 2.
- Fixed delay and scratch in sound.

FPse 0.11.85 Changes
- Fixed Moga controller support with Old Software mode On
- Fixed Frameskip problem which happened on somes devices
- Fixed critical bug that caused crashes after loading games.

FPse 0.11.84 Changes
- Native support of the Moga controller and Moga Pro (Need you install first Moga pivot application)
- Fixed Old Frameskip , it's recommended to use it if you own a low end Device
- Fixed Left Onscreen Analog Pad when G-sensor is ON
- Fixed OpenGL graphic bug with Snapdragon Processors S4 Pro.

FPse 0.11.83 Changes
- Fixed Onscreen Analog left sitck
- Fixed Xperia play onscreen pads
- Changed audio latency menu, and audio Latency calculation
It's now possible to tune it manually from MISC menu by entering value to have the best result.
The possible lower value will give you the best audio quality.
If the value is too short for your device you'll have Click in sound and possible crash
On Galaxy SIII i9300 or a nexus 7 running JB, you can set 6000, on somes old devices you cannot set under 16384
This value must absolutely be a multiple of 16.
Restart FPse after each change to apply new value.

FPse 0.11.82 Changes
- New Timing Fix, Driver2 restart game crash fixed as well as Team buddies
- Added Auto tune for reduce latency, should gives better result on devices running FPse with bad sound
- New G-Sensor support. Just activate from MISC menu, it will emulate Directional PAd and analog left stick
- Fixed onscreen button for xperia play
- Added support for ppf patch file (same filename as game except .ppf extension)
- Added start/stop option for MULTI buttons (one press let the button pressed, another press release it)
- Added Cheats sharing option

FPse 0.11.81 Changes
- A last fix for CDROM timing. Metalgear Solid between level speeches

FPse 0.11.80 Changes
- Another fix for CDROM timing. Legend of Gaia battle fix, Metalgear Solid etc..

FPse 0.11.79 Changes
- Fixed another CDROM timing problem for FF7 slowdowns

FPse 0.11.78 Changes
- Fixed CDROM timing,at least Resident Evil 2 and 3 reworks
- Fixed CDROM bug, Bugs Bunny Lost in time and Jeopardy fixed

FPse 0.11.77 Changes
- Fixed immediate crash on somes devices
- Fixed old bug grey screen when loading savestate!!!
- Fixed Russian help file

FPse 0.11.76 Changes
- Fixed click sound problems, it's perfectly clear now

FPse 0.11.75 Changes
- Fixed an immediate crash that happened on somes devices when latency was set by default
- Fixed SBI files support (FF9 Italian works now and more)
- Fixed Fixed Native gamepad support
- Fixed sound rendering, highly enhanced

FPse 0.11.74 Changes
- Fixed Freeze on many games, IE. Rhapsody or Tekken3
- Fixed ISO detection bug
- Fixed Crash after download plugins on somes devices
- Fixed audio and opengl plugin, more games works now in opengl
Like no more crash in FF7, Parasite eve 2, Castlevania etc..

FPse 0.11.73 Changes
- Fixed another freeze on somes devices

FPse 0.11.72 Changes
- Fixed crash after loading plugin on somes devices

FPse 0.11.71 Changes
- Fixed immediate and andio menu freeze

FPse 0.11.70 Changes
- Fixed Philosoma freeze and surely more
- Fixed audio track playing
- Added new exclusive EASY menu,which is a grid menu with PSone covers.
- Added Context menu for EASY menu with somes usefull informations and options:
you can see game name, game license, game size, and load you icon is not found
and even share your image! (IE: if you want to recover this image after a reinstall)
- Added compression for uncompressed Disc image (only from Easy context menu)
- Many other fixes

FPse 0.11.69 Changes
- Added new exclusive feature!!! Fpse can now search on internet for original cover and "+
create shortcut to Homescreen automatically. Go to MISC/Create shortcut/Download...
- Added Old frame limiter with old Frameskip for low end Devices
- Fixed FF VI sound missing voice and surely more
- Fixed plenty of minor bugs
- More freezes fixed.

FPse 0.11.68 Changes
- Added Lan Multi Player mode!!!
Put one device in Access Point
And connect the second device to it
Go to MISC menu and Lan Multi Player
Then choose Player 1 , get the IP Address
Press OK and load the Game, now Server is waiting for connection
From the second device go to MISC and choose Player 2 then press back and enter IP server
Now load the same game (with same configuration) on the second device.
And enjoy!!!.
- If you encounter somes freezes where you never had in odler version
Just unset SPUSYNC from audio menu and restart the game.

FPse 0.11.67 Changes
- Fixed recent freezes , like tekken3 etc...
- Fixed Special screen size.

FPse 0.11.66 Changes
- Fixed Old frameskipping

FPse 0.11.65 Changes
- Added 9 new marvelous Downloadable Overlay Pad skin from Overlay gamepad menu
- Added Old frameskipping mode
- Fixed frameskipping for opengl mode
- Fixed a bug into hardware timing.

FPse 0.11.64 Changes
- Fixed frameskipping , much more accurate, no more sound stuttering (for all video mode, update plugin)
- Added Fast Forwarding feature, just press the middle of the PS screen to fast forward
- Fixed OpengGL plugin with Qualcomm processors and gfx screen corruption

FPse 0.11.63 Changes
- Fixed a problem in cdrom emulation
RE2,RE3, Nightmare creature are fixed and surely more

FPse 0.11.62 Changes
- Fixed sound engine rendering, better quality, better tempo, and fixed freeze, like Starwars phantome menace and more.
know issue: FF6 missing instruments.

FPse 0.11.61 Changes
- Fixed Critical CD plugin emulation
- Fixed Sound engine, still highly enhanced using SPUSYNC from audio menu
- Added in-between buttons support via the new onscreen multi buttons support
Just assign Multi buttons normaly , press back when HW button is asked
and select all the buttons you want to assign for the multi button then back to commit.
Big advantage is that you can move those buttons anywhere as all others onscreen buttons
Using the Repositionning function from the Overlay gamepad menu.

FPse 0.11.59 Changes:
- Fixed GTE bug (Xenogear map and more)
- Fixed Audio Reverb and Pitch save options

FPse 0.11.58 Changes:
- Fixed sticky audio pitch option
- Removed Enhanced 3D as default because cause serious garbage
This option is only needed for few games, uncheck it if set
- Added check when savestate fail

FPse 0.11.57 Changes:
- Fixed Enhanced 3D and Boost High Res options (which is necessary
for device with low frequency and for example Tekken3.
- Fixed shortcut image cropping

FPse 0.11.56 Changes:
- Fixed Sound engine with SPUIRQ ON

FPse 0.11.55 Changes:
- Fixed OpenGL plugin, was broken on most of all devices

FPse 0.11.54 Changes:
- Fix for MALI400 OpenGL, set 'FF7 cursor fix' from video menu
No more crash, will make working others games that crashed..." +
- Added full filtering to OpenGL, set Texture filtering from video menu
- Added support for Multi bin ISO files
- Added support for Multi ISO eboot files
- Added Audio Reverb effect
- Added Audio Pitch effect
- Added Auto Overlay pad sizing
- Many others fixes

FPse 0.11.53 Changes:
- Fixed crash when entering Enable/Disable cheats menu

FPse 0.11.52 Changes:
- Fix in sound engine which result in"+
Perfect sound and tempo!!!
- Fixed cheats codes engine'
- Fixed Enhance sound option'

FPse 0.11.51 Changes:
- New Sound option 'Reduce Latency'
switch on from audio menu
and select level to MISC menu
Lower is better
(won't works on all devices)."+
- New 'Create/edit cheats' menu"+
- New Framelimiter level option
from MISC menu. will help you
to tune speed."+
- Fixed Cheat engine."+
- Fixed crash when call received");

FPse 0.11.54 Changes:
- Fix for MALI400 OpenGL, set 'FF7 cursor fix' from video menu
- No more crash, will make working others games that crashed...
- Added full filtering to OpenGL, set Texture filtering from video menu
- Added support for Multi bin ISO files
- Added support for Multi ISO eboot files
- Added Auto Overlay pad sizing
- Added Audio Reverb effect
- Added Audio Pitch effect
- Added Auto Overlay pad sizing
- Many others fixes

FPse 0.11.53 Changes:
-Fixed crash when entering Enable/Disable cheats menu\n

FPse 0.11.52 Changes:
- Fix in sound engine which result in
- Perfect sound and tempo!!!
- Fixed cheats codes engine
- Fixed Enhance sound option

FPse 0.11.51 Changes:
- New Sound option 'Reduce Latency'
- switch on from audio menu and select level to MISC menu
Lower is better (won't works on all devices).
- New 'Create/edit cheats' menu
- New Framelimiter level option from MISC menu. will help you to tune speed.
- Fixed Cheat engine.
- Fixed crash when call received

FPse 0.11.46:
- Software drawing mode Faster and smoother, and new frameskipping is perfect now.
- Fixed Sound engine, far better now.
- Exclusive New Cheat codes menu which try to get automatically Cheat codes from internet.
- new Menu, very easy to play with fpse now...
- Dpad overlap support (better gameplay)
- Updated documentation which include now new FAQs.
- many bugs fixed...

FPse 0.11.42:
- Fixed immediate crash on Jelly bean when "Do not keep activities" option is set.
- Experimental Analog Pad support for Xperia Play, will work only in OpenGL-ES 2.0 Blitting mode. Was already working on 4.0. that's Only for games that support analog pad and if you select analog pad into menu.
- Fixed Force landscape
- Fixed Screenfilter switch
- Global cleaning code
- New Opengl plugin!
- Added a new option to boost somes games that have Y resolution set to 480 like tekken3, this trick was set since windows mobile by default only for tekken3, now it's available as an option in video menu, you'll see big difference in GFX's if you unset this option for tekken3, but you'll lose somes fps that you'll perhaps need for tekken3...

About Xperia play analog support, it's in early stage, if you have any problem just swith to old software mode from MISC menu.
in current OpenGL-ES 2.0 blitting mode for Xperia play, you won't have FPS, force landscape is always set. L2/R2 are onto the screen on the left bottom corner and the right bottom corner, L3 and R3 on the top corners of the screen, they are invisible.

FPse 0.11.41:
- Fixed OpenGL plugins, was partially broken.
- Fixed Savestate Path crash
- Fixed O buttons on somes devices
- Fixed Mapping Hardware buttons
- Added detection of AMLOGIC CPU

FPse 0.11.40:
- Fixed sound! really perfect now! especially if you set SPUSYNC from audio menu.
- Added OpenGL-ES 2.0 blitter mode as default software. Very fast and smooth, and bilinear filtered!
if you want old software mode, just go to MISC menu and select Old Software drawing then restart fpse.
- Updated openGL plugin with fixes and support for Rockchip gpu.
- Fixed Start menu of GT1 in soft mode

FPse 0.11.39:
- Ultimate fix which make Music and animation lot smoother.
If emulation is a bit slow use frameskipping, sound emulation will be smooth!
- change Fix distortion by Enhance sound emulation which can bring better sound emulation with special sound effect,only functional with SPUSYNC on.

FPse 0.11.38:
- Fixed Critical bug in memory cards when restarting.
Memcard was reseted.

FPse 0.11.37:
- Highly enhanced sound when SPUSYNC is set from audio menu, check games like FF7 or Diablo and all other with sound effects.
- New option 'Fix Distorsion' necessary for somes games.
- Fixed critical bug when loading .cue file.
- Fixed Guncon which moved to the top left corner of the screen each time to shooted...

FPse 0.11.36:
- Fixed android 2.2 compatibility lost
- Fixed savestates path not saved

FPse 0.11.35:
- Fixed Sound stuttering, stream are now smoother, don't forget many games need SPUSYNC to get perfect sound(which slowdown a bit emulation)
- Software drawing is now smooth as hell, even in dualcore mode!!!
- Moved Savestate and memcards default path to internal storage into directory called .fpse, now even if you uninstall FPse you won't lose your savestates
- Added many new video options for OpenGL plugin (we'll create a thread to record and create automatic profiles for games which will be included in next versions)

FPse 0.11.34:a
- Fixed L1/R1 not working
- Fixed Overlay pad disabling and default button

FPse 0.11.33:
- Fixed audio distorsion
- Fixed onscreen pad problem when upgrading from previous version
- Fixed OpenGL external plugin loading crash
- Fixed slowdown appeared since 0.11.30
- Fixed L1/R1 and L2/R2 onscreen button inversion

FPse 0.11.32:
- Final fix for black screen problem
- Faster and smoother
- Fixed Pad repositionning, very easy now.
- Fixed Start/Select button not saved
- Fix for OpenGl slowdown on somes devices???

FPse 0.11.31:
- Fix for opengl slowdown?
- Fix for black screen when exiting menu

FPse 0.11.30:
- Fixed many small crashes..
- Fixed Mono sound with SPUSYnC
- Added Invisible Guncon Button A and B to the Top left Corner and Bottom Left COrner of the screen.
- New Complete Cheating Menu, Read the new documentation for explanations
- Fixed SBI Subchannel file support.
- Fixed the random black screen in dual core mode on somes device
- Fixed the 4/3 mode saved
- Boosted mono core
- Added Drawing Thread Priority option, can accelerate FPse a lot of on somes devices.
- Fixed Analog Stick in Software mode.
- Fixed PAD repositionning.
- Fixed Circle button problem on somes Xperia Play.
- Support for more devices on google play.

FPse 0.11.29:
- Important Fix (workaround) for Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII and Note , and all other MALI400 devices with OpenGL plugin!
Now you'll have huge speed without any trick and without need to switch to interpreter!
- Attempt to fix the Xperia Play circle button problem

FPse 0.11.28:
- Fixed loadstate crash

FPse 0.11.27:
- many fixes
- fixed Mali OpenGL filtering
- Fixed timing, smoother and far better tempo. emulation speed is perfect now.
- added shortcut to homescreen using internal Image or exteral PNG,GIF or JPG file, shortcut include configuration set before creating shortcut, like gpu plugin used, Bios or HLE and ISO loaded.shortcuts keep opengl video configuration too.
- Fixed eject problem encountered sometimes on change cd with multiple cd games
- added an option to reset configuration, will keep memcard content and savestate
- added possibility to load opengl plugin manually
- fixed garbage bands encountered on opengl and qualcomm cpu
- added New Dynamic interpreter option, It's slower than recompiler but make fpse running on mali400 and with opengl without tekken3 trick.... tested on GS II, GS Note and GS III , works very well...
- added possibility to load psx executable like demos... (press back at iso loader and choose load exe).

FPse 0.11.26:
- Fix for crash on somes device that has no acceleration set for 2D on android 3.x like Galaxy tabs
- Fix for random video freeze when Video acceleration was set
- Fix Force landscape option.
- Attempt to fix the O button for gametel pad.
- Fix cd plugin and somes recent freeze problems

FPse 0.11.25:
- Fixed a potential Freeze on multi core devices.
- Fixed screen size choice saving.

FPse 0.11.24:
- Major update of Software drawing code, on Multi core devices, FPse is much more faster and screen is automatically filtered on ICS with multi core.
- Added new screen size option into MISC menu, if you set Special screen size from Video menu, this option from MISC menu will let you choose between Fullscreen, 4/3, Small and very small.
- Added support of Sub channel files .sbi or .sub, those file can be found on redump.org site, those files need to be named and the ISO image file name and is necessary for many protected games. Check this site to see if your game is protected or not.

FPse 0.11.23:
- Added full Phonejoy support with Bluez IME, automatically handled in Analog or Digital pad.
- Added support for the Docomo Xperia play
- Fixed timing, which make running FPse far smoother in software mode and in OpenGL mode.
By default FPse run in monocore, but you can uncheck option from system menu to switch to Multi core if your device has more than one core (Animation won't be as smoother as if monocore option is choosen, but framerate will be higher and Screen filtering will be possible in soft mode.
- Added new option from MISC menu to switch low profile to on/off on device running on android 3.0 and more, by default low profile is off.

FPse 0.11.22:
- Fixed disc swapping for multi cd games
- fixed .iso and .img support

FPse 0.11.21:
- Critical bug fixed in loadstate, no more crash when loading state.
- Added check for savestate to avoid problem with bad settings like SPUSYNC on/off or Software rendering/ OpenGL rendering.
- Fixed a bug int File browser, caused garbage or crash

FPse 0.11.20:
- Critical bug fixed in audio rendering, sound is much more clear now , but remember many games need SPUSYNC from audio menu and depending
of your device, but frameskip can make a good job to avoid sound stuttering as well as dual core boost in system menu if you device is dual core.
- Bug fixed in CheckJNI which caused crashes and huge slowdown in software mode
- restored Action Menu for ICS devices that still have this button, but Back button still is used for new menu too on ICS devices.
- Added support for Disc format detection between 2352 bytes per sector and 2048 bytes per sector.

FPse 0.11.19:
-Serious bug fixed in Software mode that caused freeze or black screens on somes devices.
-Fixed disk change detection (works well with, .bin, .img, .nrg, .cue,.pbp and .iso)
- Changed .iso file format support to 2048 bytes per sector! use this format at your RIsk (not very compatible)
if you have .iso file in 2352 bytes per sectors, rename it to .bin

FPse 0.11.18:
Quick fix for Xperia Play on ICS and circle button not working

FPse 0.11.17:
- Major fixes on Pad control emulation.
Bluetooth device will work now in IME, and Phone joy and Wiimote analog stick will work with bluetooth when IME is not set.
Onscreen buttons + hardware button pressed simultaneously fixed
- Fixes on Save default config when accessing menu by pressing back twice at iso loader then MISC menu.
- added low profile mode for ICS
- added press Back to access menu on ICS device (No more menu button on ICS)
- Fixed Eject Disc function (for all Disc ISO format), no more random crash
- Fixed menu, more stable now and more complete.
- Auto switch to HLE mode for MALI400 devices when you run fpse (if bios was previously set)

FPse 0.11.16:
- Fixed a problem with X key and somes Xperia play
- Fixed Black border lines caused by texture Filtering always set, now by default it's unset, if you set it and want to unset , FPse need to restart to apply change.
- Added HLE mode and Bios mode shortcut from ISO loader by pressing VOLUME down (if Bios has been already loaded one time)
this will make the MALI400 gpu trick easier, just load tekken3 , at loader press Volume down until HLE mode is set, load Tekken3 iso, reach Character select menu, then Eject , press Volume down button to activate Bios mode, and choose your game.

FPse 0.11.15:
- Fixed many bugs
- New frame limiter mode for OpenGL plugin into Video menu. (seems to give better framerate...)
- Automatic download and installation of OpengL plugin from the MISC menu.
- Added Manual Frame limiter for OpenGL from MISC menu
- Optimized Memory allocation , FPse is more stable now.
- Added support for Hardwre keyboard (TF101 keyboard is supported too)
- Added support for Xperia play analog PAD , only for Android 4.x (works very well on current Beta version)
- Added native support for PS3 pad on Android 3.1 and more. (Digital buttons and Analog Stick are automatically configured)
- Added support for Joystick center Analog Stick support, all Analog Stick can be assigned from HW key assignement. (need Android 3.1 or more)
- Added new option for OpenGL plugin, called Busy fix, will avoid somes blacks screen and help somes games to start...

FPse 0.11.14:
- Fixed crash when loading old OpenGL plugin.
- Added another Video option 'Texture frame' necessary for MGS and Codec drawing.

New Documentation can be found here: http://www.fpsece.net/readme.html

TRICK for MALI400 GPU! AKA Samsung Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note:
you have alway to start with Tekken3 in HLE mode and then reach the Characters selection menu after you can apply bios
and load any game then save or load to switch bios in MISC menu load a bios by choosing file Switch to HLE by pressing Back to the Bios loader everytime, restart to apply without quitting or you'll have to restart the procedure.

This port is experimental, know issue are compatibility problems with somes games, but many are really impressive.

Actually know problems with this plugin are:
- Crash problem with Mali400 gpu from SG2 (actually only Tekken3 is known to run well only without bios set)
- Small problem that can cause freeze on somes SGX540 gpu powered device when pressing home button.

other than that, work extremely well on SGX540, Nvidia Tegra 2 and Snapdragon 205 and surely 220..

Plugin can be downloaded here: http://www.fpsece.net/libopenglplugin.so

Source can be downloaded here: http://www.fpsece.net/peopsgpuopenglforfpsesrc.zip

To load opengl plugin, just run FPse into softmode, then go to MISC menu and into the bottom choose Load OpenGL plugin,
Quit Fpse and restart to Apply change.

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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby LouCipher » Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:14 am

Wicked, going to try it out now, will report back later.

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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby illuminerdi » Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:08 am

Tried the new version, here are some initial thoughts:

The menus are having some issues on my Xperia Play. When in Landscape orientation with the slider OPEN, if I go into settings and then into a menu with scrolling, such as Video or System I am unable to scroll the menu UNLESS I go into a sub menu (such as the Video Plugin selector) at which point when I return to the previous submenu (Video, System, etc) I can then scroll and use the menu normally.

I also cannot seem to save some of the video settings. I was playing Granstream Saga and it refused to save the "frameskip" checkbox. I would check it, leave the menu, go back to the game, then return to the video menu and Frameskip would be unchecked again.

It would also be really nice to have it display the key that's bound for hardware keys. A setting to just checkbox "Xperia Play" would be great so that rather than having to bind all the keys it just autobinds them to the Xperia Play controls would be wonderful.

I'd also really like the ability to only separately display L2 and R2 onscreen buttons instead of having to display L1 and R1 with L2 and R2 - for something like the Xperia the ONLY onscreen buttons I want are L2 and R2.

I haven't yet loaded up the plugin, I'll give that a whirl next to see how it fares.

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Re: Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback

Postby zdubin » Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:19 am

still see the 11.0 version on the market?

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