FPSECE and Wiimote/PS3 Controller

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FPSECE and Wiimote/PS3 Controller

Postby SciLor » Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:38 am

I am playing a little bit around with my Wiimote and I try to connect and USE it on my HTC Kaiser/HD2.
But I recently stopped because I find no way to succesful connect, because I have read that WM6 doesn't have a L2CAP/HID layer :(
I have also read that someone managed it to create a bluetooth extension layer for it over samples in the Windows CE 5.0 Platform Builder, but its setup is an outdated and not working online installer :(

All we would need to manage is to get the Wiimote connected to the device, the rest can be done with existing Wiimote libs!

If someone can manages it to connect the Wiimote or/and finds a l2cap extension layer please scream :D
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