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Other ways to Donate

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:39 pm
by oofunk

What an absolutely great product!! Works great with most games i have thrown at it! I knew i was holding onto my box of PS1 games for a reason!!

As all of you know the screen control can be a little hit n miss, ive managed to get quite good control with some games but with others there are either far too many buttons needed... So i have order an MSI BGP100 and im currently waiting for it to be delivered.. Its with this in mind that bring me to post.

Obviously i want to donate to get the supporter version which will allow me to use the controller, but is there any other way to donate than using Paypal?? I really am not keen on resurecting my old palpay account as i was done for £650 when somebody managed to hack in to it....!! Im quite happy to give you 10 or 20 euros but just cant really use Paypal! Maybe Worldpay or direct bank transfer??

If there really isnt another way is it possible to use somebody elses paypal?? ie a friends, yet still have the supported version registered to me??

Thanks in advance...