From PS3 to phone...

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From PS3 to phone...

Postby Timmzy89 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:06 am

Anyone know if it is possible to get a ps1 save on my PS3 onto my phone (HTC HD2) any play that save?

Been playing Final Fantasy 7 thanks to the amazing work of FPSECE developers...

Had to hard reset my phone about a week ago and really cant be bothered to get to where i was in the game again lol... I have a save on my PS3 that was near where I was on my phone, i was wondering if there was any way of getting that save from my Playstation to the phone?

If anyone knows a way, please could you give me a step by step guide?


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Re: From PS3 to phone...

Postby D69K » Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:57 am

Hi timmzy :)

(57.88 KiB) Downloaded 129 times

this tool allows you to manage your memory cards it has a good GUI and really user-friendly ..
just copy your save-files (MCs) form the PS3 throguh USB flashmemory or any other method to your PC and then use this tool to convert it to MCD

let me now how it works ..
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Re: From PS3 to phone...

Postby dagger17 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:16 am

Last week I searched the whole internet for a nice tool like this...

Finally, I used this way (its for a PS2, but the conversionstep is the same):
Retro Guide: Transfer PS1 save game files from PC to a PS1 Memory Card (and vice versa)

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++SORTED++ From PS3 to phone...

Postby Timmzy89 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:01 pm

Cheers for the replies,

Any idea what format i have to save it in, and where i have to save it within fpsece to access the save.

ive got it onto the phone, and shows it being in the memory card if i look through Program Files/fpseCE/MEMCARDS/slot1 (through computer, on my phone is says "there is no application associated with "slot1". Run the application first, then open this file from within the application")

At the moment i cant access from load screen menu (its just not in the list...) Thinking this might be that i havnt saved it in the right format? It is currently saved as .MCD

Yeh got it going now, cheers for the help.

Was quite simple getting it done to be honest.

1. Back up PS3 Hard drive to another HDD (In my base portable external)
2. find the ps1/2 file you want to get.
3. turn it into the format FPSECE seems to recognize (.MCD) which can be done using one of the programs above
4. load up fpsece (without a disk) so you get the loading screen
5. go to memory card and check it is in slot1 (for some reason it seemed to insist on me doing this for the save to be accessible when in game.
6. close down fpsece and re-open with the game you are using
7 your load should now be available for you load.

Cheers for the help guys.

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