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Valkyri Profile not saving on mem cards.

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:08 am
by phuge17

new user of FPSE here hope you can help me.

i installed FPSE on my htc phone then i started playing castlevania symphony of the night everything is going smooth. then i tried adding a new game "valkyrie profile" the game is running but the problem is i cant' save my game in memory card. i have no problem saving on castlvania game but everytime i tried saving my game in valkyrie profile im having a problem. actually the game says i save the game successfully but everytime i tried to load it the save file isn't there and weird part is it can detect both memory cards with 7 slots only which i found it odd becase i only have 1 save file coming from castlevania. same goes with memory card2.

hope you can help me. thanks you!