Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Postby D69K » Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:01 pm

Hi all :)

i just finished CastleVania SoTN on FpseCE on HD2 with multitouch
with no sound or graphic issues at all :)

and i thought of writing this guide for people who have troubles running it ..
i'll try to keep this updated ..

first of all you have to do the following ..

1) Compression:
use these settings for compressions:
*Enhanced XA Detection
*Rip XA Streams to MP3

when analyzing ISO you will get

Code: Select all

4 Video found and 530 XA Records found within XA streams
if you didn't choose Enhanced XA Detection you will only get 9 XA Records so be sure to choose it ..
the videos are:
1st video (konami logo)
2nd video (after defeating Shaft at the end of the first castle you will see this video of the sky castle (the upside down castle)
3rd and 4th videos (Endings)
you can rip those videos as they are all crap :lol: and save about 33MBs
after analyzing just click Process ISO
wait for couple minutes and your done with the compression part ..
and you saved 423MBs :o (assuming you ripped the videos)
and the result image size should be 133MBs

2) Settings:


be sure to choose your graphic driver from the ini file by modifying the value of GfxDrv to 3

Code: Select all


as this is the best setting for CastleVania and HD2 (i don't know if this is work as good for other devices !!)


use any settings this doesn't matter you can also turn off sound for devices with slow processor ..
but there is one thing you have to know ..
if the music stops and won't replay after they finish just press start as if you are browsing your inventory and then go back to the game and you should have music again .. do this as many time as you want :)


as this is a very old game .. analog sticks doesn't work .. so you have to choose first controller type ...
and as it's a 2d game the most important buttons are LEFT and RIGHT so be sure to map those to the down left side of the screen so your thumb doesn't cover the screen ..
and you can also use stylus mode but i don't recommend it ..
an important thing is that you can't hit down right or down left so you have to map a multikey for it ..

3) Some Important notes:
* (This happen to me when i ripped the Videos in the compression i don't know if it would be solved by not ripping the videos)
anyway when you reach half of the game after fighting with Shaft for the first time Richter will talk with Alucard for couple seconds right ? and then there will be a cut scene .. this is how it should be .. but if the cut scene doesn't start you'll just have to wait for about 2 minutes and then you'll find your self standing at Dracula Chapel after defeating Shaft and Richter so just proceed to the second Castle (The upside down castle :))
* be sure to use a bios file ..
* if you have supporter version savestate works like a charm but you have to be sure that Enable HLE is off

Code: Select all

otherwise you will get random crash ..
and items drop rate rise to 100% so every time you kill a monster he drops an item !! (which is GREAT but will get crash when opening inventory :lol: )

*always use normal compression .. maximum compression causes many problems ..
if you don't compress your game image you'll get sound issues and lag at some points of the game so be sure to compress your image and not just for castlevania but for all the games you have (Resident Evil series for example !!)
so basically when you have a game image and there is XA Streams in it .. be sure to compress it using (Rip XA Streams to MP3)
it will give a better and less buggy sound ..

i guess that's it for now :)
i'll be sure to update this post when necessary ..
enjoy :)
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Re: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Postby Dirkwood » Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:50 pm

Thanks homie

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