Disc Swapping from a Single File

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Disc Swapping from a Single File

Postby jjivey » Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:23 pm

OK so i got a little bit of an advanced question. So i got ps1 games from back on my PSP. For you guys that know about psp hacks the files have to be in a file format called EBOOT. Well EBOOT lets you combine all cds of a game into one file. For example Legend of Dragoon being 4 cds is compressed into a single file. I converted this EBOOT back to an iso. FPse runs the iso perfect so here is my question.

Since i cannot disc swap, when it comes time to "swap" will it just automatically continue on and the game/emulator is tricked into seeing all the disc? Or when i get to that point will it just stay stuck at a swap disc screen?

I could figure this out myself, but i dont want to play Legend of Dragoon all the way to disc 2 and ive wasted 20 hours because i cannot swap.

Thanks so much for the help and great work on the emulator. Every patch seems to just make everything way better, especially the sound.

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