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Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:45 am
by drunkengrant
FFIX emulated on my computer required messing with many settings. You have obviously not tried to run many emulators before or you would be Happier with what you have. Sure, anything can emulate a SNES or prior hardware, but anything after that has some issues. if you work through the issues, you can get the games to look better than they did on the original systems. calm down and do some research, you will find the answers if you really want to get the emulator working well.

Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:17 am
by hayao
smokinfish wrote:If it can't run PSOne games on a processor 10x as fast, why am I being charged £3 for it?

This thinking is wrong!! Sadly a lot of people think like that. Let me explain:
The Computer and the PSOne have both different chipsets, right?
Every tiny piece of the PSOne's chipset was designed to emulate something
or supply it with electricity. You see where this is going? Your Computer
doesn't have all those emulation pieces
!! They need to be programmed
in a complicated way. Together they require lots of resources from
the processor :!: And that's why you can't play the games as fluently as
you want them to be.

I think this information should be spread everywhere, so people can understand why it's still a difficult way to achieve good game experience!

Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:04 am
by smokinfish
bluezeak wrote:You're post is offensive. You are asking everything to be given to you on a platter, and you're showing anger when it's not given to you. Ignorant and self-centered is the way I'm reading the position of your post.

I assume you're talking about running FF9 in OpenGL. First off - I agree with you on The fact that schtruck, the dev, has not been forthcoming with information about opengl. He should explain it better - there are too many settings. I was bothered by that for a long time, and finally decided to do something about it. I created an extened post that explains everything that I could undrestand, and then goes further to try to explain how to use opengl on the different hardware platforms. If you want information - go look at that post (see my signatrure for the link). OpenGL, even on the best android tablets and phones, is not perfectly smooth, and some graphics don't work (e.g. battle swirl). On 'good' phones it runs decent, but still requires frameskip which makes it unsmooth.

If you knew anything about the history of emulation, you would know it was a long, arduous process. When hardware got good enough that everthing could be done in software, things got easier. Hardware acceleration still allows for much better graphics for 3D, but is still much less compatible and has issues. That's the current reality of emulating psx games on phones. If you can make it better - jump into the coding and help.

Have you been around for the last month? And the 12 - TWELVE - updates the dev has been pushed out? How can you say the dev isn't doing anything, besides self centered ignorance?

The dev has just released a 3rd rendering engine for psx. Old software, new software, and of course opengl. The new software engine, opengl es 2.0, renderes just like the old software engine, but with bilinear filtering (which usually kills performance), and it runs FASTER and MORE STABLE than the old software version.

As for sound, there was a major issue with sound, and it's been fixed. The sound is still not 100%, but the dev continues to work to make things constantly better.

I recommend you use the latest version, with the new software mode - opengl es 2. It should run about as fast as your hardware (and current android ROM you are using with it) will allow.

Well, firstly, thank you for calling a customer of this product offensive, ignorant and self-centred, that was nice. Oh, and then agreeing with me. Of course I'm talking about running it in OpenGL. I said thank God for your post! Therefore I had obviously used all the settings given, yet am still experiencing gaps between each and every camera angle.

I don't know anything about the history of emulation, I don't want to. I don't care how many updates the eronious dev has kicked out, the fact remains, he is not here, helping people with a product that he is getting paid money for by every user that installs it. Whether you think it self-centred or not, as a customer of a product, I DO want everything on a plate!! That is my right as a customer!! If a product is going to advertise itself as a Playstation Emulator, then that is what it should do, without ANY glitches, regardless of the "history of emulation," full stop! If it doesn't work, then say so at the store. Call it "Partially Working Playstation Emulator," because THAT is what it is, UNTIL it plays EVERY PSOne game, automatically, out of the box.

OK, thanks to the next poster explaining about emulation, fine, I get it. But the above point still applies! If it doesn't fully work yet, IT SHOULD SAY SO BEFORE YOU SPEND MONEY ON IT, dubious at all whether they should be charging money for it at all, AT THIS STAGE.

I asked for help, nothing wrong with that on a support forum. So, nothing can be done about these gaps then? Please don't hesitate to respond with the History of the Microchip, or a lesson in Electronics...! :roll:

Kind regards

Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:14 am
by hayao

Instead of complaining you should be grateful for the fact that there is somone
who had the courage to develop an application like FPSE. Of course, as a
consumer you have the right to demand things. WE ALL demand things! Just
go to News > Discussion/Feedback and see for your self. It's ok if you don't
want to help. But helping the dev is going to bring you closer to a better psx-
emu. Why? Because schtruck doesn't possess each and every Android device
that exists and thus cannot test his application properly. So we HAVE to help.

Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:04 pm
by bluezeak
I don't understand how you can say, "I dint care hire many updates he puts out, " and, "he's not here helping" in the same sentence.

paying consumers can be innocent and selfish, that's not uncommon. This kind of consumer is often more easily taken advantage of by sharks.

I can agree with your point and hate your attitude and jack of respect.

I don't think the Dev every said OpenGL was perfect. In face I believe he said it was an option that could bee tried for better graphics. His main supported mode is software rendering. And while it had fallen out of date, there was a list of supported games. So many games are supported now though that its more appropriate to have s list of unsupported games.

As there is a huge number of different hardware and software (Android ROMs) configurations, no Dev can promise a specific experience across the board. That can regally only be done on iPhone. That may be a better option for you with your expectations. I don't know how well the psx emulsion I'd working on iPhone, but I believe itsbeen out for a while.

If you want help, there are a limited number of us that care enough to try to help. If you want to complain, well listen, but we won't be much inclined to help.

Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:21 pm
by smokinfish
So, is everyone just gonna beef at me cos of my "customers deserve working products" attitude, or is anyone actually gonna address the issue of these gaps between each and every camera angle and scene change? The music and background noises stop and everything freezes for a split second. One of the settings must fix it surely? Could it be because the ROM and BIOS are on my SD card?? Or shouldn't that make a difference?

Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:52 am
by jetb88
Perhaps you should have done your research a bit better before buying a product smokinfish. Fpse plays the vast majority of games fine in software mode, but even so it will obviously encounter problems now and then. There is no such thing as a perfect emulator anywhere, on any platform, and expecting absolutely no issues really shows your naivety (or just plain ignorance).

In any case, using opengl is not 'pure' emulation because you are adding graphical features/rendering that were not present on the original psx release. Although things could be documented better, i have found the fpse team willing to help with any issues and fix them through new updates asap. Considering fpse has such a small team, a little understanding on your part would go a long way.

Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:05 am
by bluezeak
smokinfish wrote:So, is everyone just gonna beef at me cos of my "customers deserve working products" attitude, or is anyone actually gonna address the issue of these gaps between each and every camera angle and scene change? The music and background noises stop and everything freezes for a split second. One of the settings must fix it surely? Could it be because the ROM and BIOS are on my SD card?? Or shouldn't that make a difference?

if you read my opengl thread, and if you read the last couple pages of this thread, then you know about how well opengl works with FFIX. In my opinion, on decent hardware, it works pretty good. it is a tradeoff of graphics vs performance. you get better graphics, but you get issues with fight scenes, with going into new rooms, etc. I meant what I said earlier when I said 'that's the way it is with the current implementation of opengl'. Your questions about the rom location are valid - there were some other issues in the past with roms being on external vs internal memory, but I don't think those were related to opengl - in any case, as far as we know though it makes no difference.

I'll see if I can talk to schtruck about making it more clear in the fpse product description that opengl is an optional item in fpse which is a tradeoff - better graphics, but in most games it has poorer performace.

The new 'blitter' rendering mode is so amazing - I would just use it if your desire is better perfromnce. many people desire smoother gameplay vs better graphics - and that's the way to go.

We all hope that the opengl plugin, or a similar plugin, will one day make psx emulation as graphically pleasing and as smooth as a PC psx emulation experience.

Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:08 pm
by the7s
If one day we can play openGL as smooth as soft gpu i believe fpse user will by 10x or even more and it goes worldwide even better than experia play it self since only one time payment. I satisfied for what we have now the emulator keep updates and improving thanks for dev team.

Re: Final Fantasy IX

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:51 pm
by Exactly
I don't know if this has been solved, but I've been searching the internet for hours with no luck.
The game always freezes when climbing onto the airship at Dali. There's just a black screen with the music playing.
Can anyone help?
Other than that, everything else is working perfectly.