fpsce probs

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fpsce probs

Postby cassiel » Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:59 pm

Well the free version I believe was .10 or what not,it ran great however the .11 or whatever has become a epic fail tried numerous settings from msg boards forums pertaining that "just right setting" the games I run under my settings work fine,random closes,saved state games erased without notice no matter what settings I use has become a annoying issue for me,I mean don't wana bash fpsce but the only reason I bought it was cause I like the cheat menu psx4droid doesn't have it,like messing with codes and seeing what I can do to make stuff fun or funny,either way,the afore mentioned issues need dev support or someone who can point me in that direction or try to tech solve the issue,or I unfortunatley am going to have to ask for some sort of monetary refund.

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Re: fpsce probs

Postby Kasser » Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:56 am

The updates have taken a few steps backwards for me as well. For example, Tekken 3 was juddery and would crash at the credits when i first got this app. It became near perfect after a couple of updates (music became smoother, it was faster, and it didn't crash at the very end). Well, now it's exactly as it was when i first got the app. Perhaps slightly worse as FF9 seems to crash when it never did before as well.

Maybe the last 2 updates changed my video/general settings? If someone can point me to settings that stop T3 from crashing at the credits at the very end of completing it (it's the main game i love playing) that would be sweet. Otherwise i am hoping a future update fixes it again (this mornings update didn't unfortunately, and if anything it's made T3 even worse - this used to be a great ad for the emulator, as it used to run amazing a couple of updates ago!).

Haven't checked yet but if older versions of the emulator are available would be good to download it somehow (using google mail associated with out play accounts?), i want to avoid getting a cracked version as not really fair on the developer.

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