Casper, Rugrats and Mickeys Wild Adventure

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Casper, Rugrats and Mickeys Wild Adventure

Postby riamu » Sun May 06, 2012 8:39 pm

I have had problems with all of these games on the latest FPse.

Casper: Starts and plays fine until you enter a door, as soon as that happens the screen goes to the loading screen but gets stuck. After that the screen goes black with the words "SPU Timeout, Status: 7". No matter of changing the settings will change it and it happens with every door or opening. This game is unplayable.

Rugrats - Search for Reptar: This game plays with a few issues, the FPS can drop randomly for no reason, the sound is buggy and a bit choppy, also some scenes end randomly or just don't play. This game is playable but a bit annoying after a while, and can't follow much of what happens because of the scenes that don't play.

Mickey's Wild Adventure: This game is playable, its perfect except that the background music doesn't play, all of the sound fx play its just the background music that doesn't. Very playable, its just not that nostalgic as it used to be.

Has anyone else had any of these problems, also does anyone know how to fix this?

Btw I'm using the latest release of FPse.


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Re: Casper, Rugrats and Mickeys Wild Adventure

Postby gurgz » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:07 pm

I'm registering on all sorts of forums just to tell people of my solution to the Casper SPU Timeout. Like everyone else, I've yet to find the fix anywhere online.
Anyway, here's the recipe for this little miracle.
1. Press Start, go to Sound
2. turn off Music
4. go upstairs or through a door
3. thank the heavens

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