Rockman Works Graphical Problem

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Rockman Works Graphical Problem

Postby Mysticmaus » Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:35 pm

Hi :)

For some weird reason my first post is was dissaproved so let's try this again... :P

I always loved these games and now i'm trying to play these games on my Xperia Play , but here comes the problem >

For example , when I want to play Rockman Works 4 , the game starts just fine , the menu works also just fine , but when the real game start the screen ratio goes all crazy...anyone else playing this and having the same problems?

Maybe there's a fix for it? , settings or something? :?

Just to be clear , the Rockman Works series consists of 6 games , they are ALL THE SAME , so they all have the same problem...

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