Samsung Galaxy Tab + Games ive tested

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Samsung Galaxy Tab + Games ive tested

Postby trogan2000 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 8:25 am

hi firstly sorry if im doing anything wrong but i thought i would make a list of games im testing on fpse on the samsung galaxy tab and any errors glitches etc im getting

now own a copy of FPSE for android from the android market so will be retesting any game i have plus any requests to see if they run or how they run on samsung galaxy tab

according to the file i had version 0.10 of FPSE (the found non paid copy) now upgraded to the legit paid android market 0.10.18

Xenogears - game saves but when i log out of game and go to load save file it shows the file icon but will not let me load the file (saved outside town of lahan village)
to fix - was an iso error got a new iso so fixed it

Parasite eve 2 save game not loading may be iso issue like xenogears had

parasite eve 1 controlls not working could be iso aswell

final fantasy iv sound erroring cause could be fpse minimised and reopened later
also game graphics also buggy in battles and save file not working

will be posting more as i find them in other games i play

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