[*NEW*] Everything you should know before posting!

News of updates to FpseCE will posted here
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[*NEW*] Everything you should know before posting!

Postby Q-Ball » Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:01 pm

1) Fpse for Android: can only be bought from Google Play

2) FpseCE for Windows Mobile:// If you donate, visit this site: http://fpsece.net/request. Enter your donation (PayPal) email to receive the latest supporter version within 10-15 minutes. It will be generated from your mail and registered on your name. You just need to download attached files and extract it on your SD Card. => This is for FpseCE, the Windows Mobile version. There's no Windows Phone version yet. For Fpse for Android, just get it from Google Play

  • Before you post anything, anywhere on the boards, read through the forum rules. It doesn't take long, and following the rules is the only way you'll last around here.

  • For updates on the current status of Fpse for Android look in the Fpse for Android Discussion/Feedback forum
  • For updates on the current status of FpseCE look in the News forum.

  • If you have problems with a certain game, including performance issues, graphical and audio bugs, etc. look for the game in the Game-Specific Help forum. If your game is not listed, make a new topic for it. Do not make a topic for any previously listed games.
  • If you have a question or problem specific to your phone, look in the Devices forum. A large number of devices are listed there, and a lot of known issues are addressed.
  • Have a question that doesn't fall into the device or game-specific categories? Then you can go ahead and post in the General Discussion forum.
  • Have some artwork you want to contribute to the cause? Skins, icons and d-pads can be posted in the Artist Corner.
  • Have something to say not pertaining to FpseCE? There is an Off-Topic forum for just that. Feel free to post about anything within reason, start a game, or maybe showcase something you're working on.
  • Have trouble grasping the English language? Then I'm probably wasting my time typing this bit. Anyway, there's a Multi-Language forum for you.

All the stuff you might need to download:

Useful information that you can't do without:

Custom profile field:
To save us asking what phone model, ROM and Windows Version you are using, we've added a custom profile field for you to enter your primary device.
So if you wouldn't mind, you can add your device by clicking:
  • "User Control Panel" (at the top of the screen"), then going to "Profile" (on the left-hand pane) and finally, entering the device at the bottom of the page.
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