[b]Need some help over here. new to this software.[/b] =]

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Keith Lim Kie Ho
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[b]Need some help over here. new to this software.[/b] =]

Postby Keith Lim Kie Ho » Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:48 am

Hi everyone. saw this software on youtube when i was doing some search on "Games on HD 2"... seems kinda cool on HD 2 when u are bored and u get some games to play with.

Currently i downloaded the FPSEce 0.10 but the main issue here is where do i download the games?Is there any website other then this to download any games?

if i can't download any games anywhere, mind if someone do some tut for ripping ps 2 games from cds ? i have quite a few ps 2 cd. sorry for the troubles am nt much of a tech freak.

currently using HTC HD 2.

Thanks in advance. :D

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Re: [b]Need some help over here. new to this software.[/b] =]

Postby CloudStrife86 » Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:00 am

OK first, I've closed this because you are asking us to give you links for illegal downloads. Second, you posted it in off-topic, when it's not off-topic.
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