Export savegame to PS3

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Export savegame to PS3

Postby g0nzo123 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:59 am


is it somehow possible to export a savegame from my Windows Mobile device to my PS3.

I want to transfer a Final Fantasy 7 savegame to the PS3, because I bought the game in the Playstation Store.

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Re: Export savegame to PS3

Postby CloudStrife86 » Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:02 am

OK, assuming you have the following items this may or may not work:

Mobile Phone
USB cable(s)

1. Transfer save from the phone to the PC.
2. Install CWcheat on the PSP (must be homebrew enabled)
3. Transfer the .mcd or .mcr to the PSP, but place in the cwcheat folder in plugins rather than in SAVEDATA.
4. Load FFVII on the PSP, and load the save with cwcheat.
5. Create a real, PSP-format save, by saving in-game from the PSP (save to whichever slot is NOT occupied by cwcheat's memory card).
6. Connect the PSP to the PS3.
7. Copy the PSP-format memory card (ms0\PSP\SAVEDATA\*gameID of FFVII*) to the PS3's virtual memory cards.
8. Load FFVII on the PS3.
9. Load the save and enjoy.
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