The way I set keyboard keys on TP2 and a few questions

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The way I set keyboard keys on TP2 and a few questions

Postby moshu » Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:06 pm

I have the keyboard out when I start FPSEce .10, cause if you start it in portrait mode, I have to click the button I want to assign then open keyboard and hit button to be assigned. Then close keyboard to get back to portrait to assign another button its quite a pain.

If I open FPSEce with my keyboard out it still starts in portrait mode so I can assign all my buttons without opening and closing my keyboard for each one, like if I open program in portrait mode.

My questions are...
1. Is there a way to return to portrait mode from landscape mode without having to close the keyboard?
2. I can't minimize FPSEce to answer a call or browse for something, is there a way to mimimize it without having to close it out completely? I hit all the hardware keys like the red phone button, but it just blinks and returns to FPSEce. (I love this actually, but just wish I could minimize every once in a while).
3. When you are on the touch controls screen. When your switching between buttons what does the button shaped like a disc do? I tried it once I think but it didn't do anything.
4. Is there support for my TP2's tilt sensor(g-senor), so I can tilt phone left or right on racing games and turn and etc. I think I read something about tilt sensor support but can't find it now.

I think that's it for now.

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Re: The way I set keyboard keys on TP2 and a few questions

Postby aSiD1712 » Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:14 am


1. There is a micro Button in one Corner to leave fullscreen mode. If you click on the left fullscreen button it is the upper left Corner, if u use right button to rotate 90°° CCW to Fullscreen the button is in the lower right corner. The button is still there and works if there is an overlay button at same corner. The button is only a few pixel and hard to hit. It is exactly at the corner and I have to try clicking it some times before hit. A simple button assign to leave fullscreen would be great. I use the button on my HD2 since it has no Keyboard. Switching with putting keyboard in and out is more a useful "bug" than a function. You should disable automatic rotation in Wimo System Settings for playing Fpsce.

2. On Fpsece supporter version with installed all-in-one pack or some other skin packs is a button to minimize Fpsece. You could bring it back to top clicking Fpsce button in start folder as you want to start it.
Try all-in-one pack, it is complete and easy and runs perfect on my HD2 and my very old Magician, totaly diffrent phones.

3. Wanna know this too.

4. You have to set it up this way: Select the analog pad. - Tap on button settings. - Tap on more. - At bottom is are symbols for both analog sticks with 3 input methods. For each Stick u wanna use u have to select the input mode. For G-Sensor select the first symbol with the shaking phone. - Now leave button screen to main and click on "on screen keys". To use G-Sensor u have to assign the Onscreen Button with same shaking phone icon as selected for stick input mode. You have to click often to get it, it appears after the multikey numbers. While this button is pressed, G-Sensor analog stick input is working, so you should set this button to switch mode to keep it pressed automatic and give it a icon to see if it is pressed.
If you activate this button the actual phone angle is set to middle. You may calibrate your Sensor in Wimo settings for best results. You can set up sens and treshold at controller settings. To see the button moving, you should assign an on screen key with the analog stick (the round button with L or R) and give it the same icon. Now the icon will move with the sensor input. If you select Onscreen input instead sensor input, you can move the button with your finger. Oldest PS1games dont supports analog controller, so they will ony work with digi pad.

good Luck

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