[11/21/2010] FpseCE latest changes

News of updates to FpseCE will posted here
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[11/21/2010] FpseCE latest changes

Postby schtruck » Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:58 pm

To receive the latest supporter update, you must use the request page. Supporters will no longer automatically receive a new release in their email.

Here are Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 release.

Please install every new version you receive.
If you encounter any problem , erase all files within CFG directory

Update 11/21/2010!
- Eject Function work now when you run game from shortcut
- Change Disc work Now!! tested on MetalGear Solid!

Update 11/18/2010!
new version of FpseCE is online as well as core package with new peopspu plugin.
- update of FpseCE include a Fix to handle Peopspu plugin better for savestate and recovering sound.
- update of peopspu plugin include many fixes done by LDchen, and my last changes to have a fast and an accurate mode.
fast mode is done by setting into config file, UseTimer=0
accurate mode is done by setting, UseTimer=2
Accurate mode will be necessary by games that require SPUSync, like Rayman 2 or MetalGear Solid.
Few games like MetalGear Solid require to set SPUIRQWait=1 to get perfect sound.
For the rest UseTimer=0 make game running nearly like internal plugin but sound like perfect.
Now When you set Extern SPU, don't forget to set SPUSync, it's necessary.
Options for peopspu are taken from each games config files if exist or by default fpse.ini.

Update 10/27/2010!
- New menu for Wide Screen device, available in Landscape none FullScreen mode (Made by LeSScro)
this menu have too exclusives options... Set/Unset Bilinear filtering (used in GDI Mode) and Set/unset for Overclocking... (Config Menu in Portrait will be updated with both Options too)
- New optimisation which gives interresting speedup.
- Battery Level and Time in top text line by Addind: Print_Battery=1 and Print_Time=1 into POCKETPC section of fpse.ini file.
- Third WVGA Landscape Left PAD made by LeSScro. (Usefull on HD2 to avoid Autoalignement)
- Recovered WM2003 Compatibility.

Update 10/20/2010!
- New Fix incoming call and standby problem and sound level when coming back to FpseCE.

Update 10/18/2010!
- Fixed incoming call and standby problem.

Update 10/15/2010!
- Fixed a bug which made FpseCE unstable with onscreen PADS
- Fixed none working Right Onscreen PAD

Update 10/13/2010!
- this New version is compiled with a new Cross tool compiler which speed up emulation highly on most of all handled devices.
- More efficient emulation of Force Feedback, fixed the vibration with it's set to 0 within menu options.
- Overall Cleaned code.

Update 10/05/2010!
- New landscape pad for widescreen is complete.
Next is menu option for this landscape PAD.

Update 10/02/2010!
- Quick fix of a bug on onscreen Pads and the random press of the START button!

Update 10/01/2010!
- Overlay PADS are fixed now! Work for all Videos modes, except for now only GDI can draw 24bits overlay.
- Fixed memory leaking in GDI mode when putting FpseCE to Background and going back to FpseCE
- New Pad landscape from LeSScro for WVGA device (skins 480x420 are updated).
- Somes others small fixes.

Update 09/26/2010!
- Fix on the new Landscape Pad and Multi touch
- Landscape Pad supported now in GAPI / LFB / DirectX and GDI video mode (only Landscape right for now)

- Fix for game Demolition Racer (add Section into gamelist.ini with Flag0=10)

Update 09/24/2010!
- recompiler buffer sized to 5mb, this will avoid recent crash with somes games,
but talking with ldchen, it s the overclock function which generate more op codes.

- fixes on blitting code and different psone resolution. no more annoying lines in the bottom or the right side.

- adding new menu for landscape (made by lesscro) and new pad for wvga and wqvga screen, fpsece look like a
true console now, and gameplay is far better with onscreen pads.
the left part is static, and contain directional pad+somes buttons to exit landscape mode, changing pad.
the right part are onscreen buttons, in overlay and alpha blending. right and left part are changed by pressing the
button 'next'.

Update 09/15/2010!
- Fix for WM2003 and 2003SE, now FpseCE run on those devices
- Now FpseCE is a Task!! it can be reloaded and Killed via the task manager
- Recompiler buffer resized to 4mb! was sized to 3, and somes games crashed, like Colin Mc Rallye 2
- Somes Armv6 optimisations, to set them, add ArmCoreV6=on into ini file.
- Fix for Hardware key assignement (Asus A620 IE)

Update 09/12/2010!
- FpseCE has changed to 0.11
- New global timing to be close to a true Psone, games are faster, smoother and more playable!
- Compatibility is lot higher due to this new timing.
- Added New menu to assign Icons to games shortcut, this will let you change main exe icon and Games directory Icon on Device >= WM6.0
- Added new video driver, Direct3D. a device with Direct3D hardware acceleration is necessary to get good speed.
- Added New external GPU plugin (a port of the Dr Hell plugin for PC), this one work perfectly, it has no color inversion problem, but is slower than GPUsoft (the internal GPU plugin). i will spread source code shortly.
- Fixed many bugs since previous version...
- Function to boost games has been implemented preliminary, you have to set Flag0=80 into gamelist.ini for the game you want to boost. (this function has to be used only if necessary, and won't work for all games, a next version will propose different level of boost to avoid such problem)

Update 06/19/2010!
- Added support for a second controller, for example you can play with a BGP100 using internal driver for PAD1 and
a Wiimote or a Sixasis pad using Colbalt Driver 0.3 for PAD2.
To use this new feature you have to wait an update of the SKINS to get a button to switch from pad 1 to 2 into Pad Configuration Screen, normaly Simon Mallion 1.08. ( Look in my last post in this thread to make it your own button until Skins are updated)
- Added new Handling Code, that make new Bluetooth Keyboard working.. into fpse.ini JOY0PAD section add capture_mode=1 to make working the new BT keyboard.
- Possibility to unset Bilinear Filtering by adding Bilinear=0 into POCKETPC section of fpse.ini

Update 06/12/2010!
- The previous version had Multitouch broken in other video mode than GDI...
- Fixed somes bugs for GDI mode
- Optimized GDI mode (ASM code in next version)
- New Memory Allocation, with this one FpseCE shouldn't have anymore mem alloc problem

Update 06/10/2010!
- New experimental GDI mode with Full Antialiasing using Bilinear Filtering.
- Fixed Key assignement code, sometime it printed same value, was necessary to reboot device.

Update 05/29/2010!
- Somes Fixes here and there...
- Fix for internal audio plugin... Sound is far better than before, just use stereo headphones and listen..
- Added Incoming call Catch event, FpseCE pause and minimize when incoming call...

Update 04/09/2010!
- A new menu is available to configure easyly the Gsensor without editing INI file.
- Another menu is available to Change all mains Parameters.
Somes are taken in realtime, like Framelimiter and Fullscreen
All others need to quit and restart, so new menu will propose to Exit quickly emulator (it's called 'Reset' because my Aim is to make it automatic without reloading emu... in a future version)
Parameters are edited in fpse.ini file is game was loaded manually, and parameters are edited in game's ini files (into CFG directory) if fpsece was ran from Games's shortcuts.
- Fixed somes Memory Allocation problems.

To get all new Features available, just go to the above link, download the last SimonMallion's skins and copy it into FpseCE SKINS directory.
SimonMallion's Sense UI-style skin

For the New Normal version it will be updated within 2 weeks, because we have more works to do on it before, especially with the New Documentation and the New packaging.

Update 03/25/2010!
- New Memory optimization, that avoid crash and problems encountered in previous supporters version.
- Fixed HTC Gsensor, and it's now very accurate and tunnable as on TG01... i suggest to start to set theses values for HTC's devices:

And finally get the new Official Skin from SimonMallion, it work like a charm.

Update 03/01/2010!
- Added Multi buttons to Portrait PAD. (You need new menu2 files to support it, go in download section and look for update)
- Fixed Landscape Overlay PAD, it's now very playable and Pad GFX are better , unless the Autoalignement problem on HD2.
- Fixed the Loop problem on R-type Delta when dying.

Update 02/24/2010!
- Fixed a Sticky problem when two button where pressed on HD2
- Fixed a problem when sliding
- Added a New Experimental Mode for Multitouch on HTC HD2, it seem to work perfectly except the autoalignement problem.
To Active it just set this line into fpse.ini within [POCKETPC] section:

Update 02/22/2010!
- Fixed a big problem in onscreen PADs emulation....

Update 02/17/2010!
- Disabled Exclusive mode for DirectX (this will perhaps fix somes problems encountered by somes supporters with mode4)
- As FpseCE use much memory, i had to disable Load MP3 to memory (those used with games compressed with PocketISO), so now it's streamed from Disk , just hope this won't slowdown..
In the meantime i have reduced the recompiler buffer to 2meg..
- PAD portrait support (with Start,Select,L1,L2,R1,R2 buttons to declare into menu2_mask.ini like others buttons)
- Eject CD support, for games in multiple CD's.
- Freeze mode by sending FpseCE to background, you can do what you want,Put off your device and then release your game later... this work very well (this feature will be exclusive to supporters)
All these Features will be available only if you apply new Skins. you'll find them into Download section "Artists Corner".

Update 02/09/2010!
- Added a new option to make Forcefeedback working on Japanese version of Toshiba TG01, just add "VibrateLED=3" into [POCKETPC] section of ini file.

Update 02/08/2010!
- this version enhance PAD in overlay by adding config save for each games (Pos and Alpha level), and then it's now possible to have many different PAD and then change it into onscreen menu with a new button i added into menu10.ini.
For WVGA users, just get the new Skins to copy into SKINS directory.
I have added a new PAD directory which will show you clearly the enhancement... just copy it into SKINS directory too.
- Now exclusive to all supporters, is the Forcefeedback emulation, yes! your phone vibrate like a PSone PAD!!
- A new variable can be set into fpse.ini [POCKETPC] section, it's Vib_Treshold, by default it's set to 100 for now, that the lower value after what vibration will be sent to phone. i set that because for now and while API i use don't let me choose the level of the vibration, playing game like gran Turismo, which vibrate your PAD slowly just be cause you car is on the Road become annoying after somes second of playing... But for other games perhaps lowering this value will be necessary.. just to try.
- Fixed a problem with Loadstate which occured randomly

(1.66 MiB) Downloaded 3083 times

(118.59 KiB) Downloaded 3308 times

Update 02/04/2010!
It's an update of what i missed to say regarding FpseCE optimisations and options.
I would like to say there is two Options that people need to know, both are to type into the ini file gamelist.ini with the Good License for each game.
The first option is necessary for somes game that have much Polygons Glitch (IE: Hogs of war), just set patch=1.
The Next option is necessary for game like Chronocross, it's Flags0=20.
About the slowdown of current supporter version, many people complained about that with Tekken3, but as most of you have saw in previous version, even if we were able to reach 50fps, strangely, the Fighters moves weren't as fast as original game, and the answer is the BAD rootcounter 2 timing, now since current version has nearly perfect rootcounter 2 timing we have Tekken3 fighters moves at good timing , but it's true that refresh is not 100%, even on HD2, to help winning somes FPS just apply in gamelist.ini this: patch=48, if you prefer to have 50fps, but slower moves, just set patch=112.

Update 02/01/2010!
- Fixed Multitouch which was removed in somes supporters version recently... sorry
- Updated Multitouch handling code, it's better and better but People need to know it can't be perfect for now because of AutoAlignement processing that avoid Pressing Two Key close to the same Horizontal Line in Landscape... until someone found a hack to avoid such behavior.
- Added True PAD in Alpha Blending, just get the two packages, just below, unzip the PAD.zip into SKINS subdirectory and i have added an Update for the LeSSCRO Skins for WVGA which include the new 3 buttons...
- Temporary Fixed Parasite Eve 2, but a new update should come soon while for now it seem to not be a 100% fixed.
to active the Fix you need to create a line for your game into gamelist.ini and then Set Patch=64
- Boosted everything by fixing Rootcounter 2 timing, it's now close to be perfect, just listen the music in crash bandicoot 3... and game is far faster too..... no more slowdown.... All games should work faster now...
- more to come in nexts days, but this update was necessary due to my mistake and somes supporter version...

The attachment Menu10 updated.zip is no longer available

(51.23 KiB) Downloaded 2395 times

Menu10 updated.zip
(99.92 KiB) Downloaded 2949 times

Update 01/25/2010!
- Fixed Skicky buttons
- Upgrade numbers of Onscreen button to 7x6, work well with HD2.
- Fixed Touch Pro 2 problem and DirectX
- Be carrefull, if you map onscreen direction, don't use Stylus mode or you'll have problem with Multitouch
- i'm testing a new fix for mutlitouch and HD2, if results are confirmed, we won't have the Key Up message when comming Multitouch press message.
- For next update, Onscreen layer templates will be proposed.

Update 01/21/2010!
Upgraded numbers of onscreen buttons to 30! 6x5, now you can easyly map your own D-PAD!!
I have modified one thing for onscreen handling code, now sliding your finger over many buttons during the same slide will just activate the current button on which you are pressing the screen... I play Crash Bandicoot 3, with a 8 positions PAD mapped (for UP/Right, Down/Right, Down/left and Up/Left, i mapped specials buttons), and i must admit it's close to be perfect now.
I think Adding Icons into SKINS/ICONS directory will make the Dpad a reality, we need just 8 Icons for all directions (48 pixels size would be ok).
i'm curently fixing with a supporter his problem with DirectX and his Sliding Keyboard device, then All supporters will receive this version.

Update 01/20/2010!
OK today i was able to check DirectX problem on my HD2 and the Gsensor Autorotation. it's finally fixed.
I have completed Gsensor inversion for HTC Touch Pro 2...
Now it's time for me to add the Famous Onscreen PAD, one part with 8 directions and one other with just 4 buttons (Cross,Square, Triangle and Circle). Those too parts will be placed anywhere on the screen manually like widgets. And they will be overlayed. They will be very precise, this mean a mask will be necessary. Now if anyone who design very well such thing would like to make those two parts for us... while PSone standard resolution is 320x240, i think 64x64pixels image in 24bits would be ok and for the mask a 256 colors image paletized is necessary with a color for each Mask for each button.

Update 01/19/2010!
DirectX autorotation must be fixed, i wait for feedback.
Added Landscape to Portrait button resizing. Just by adding Exit_Size=XXX into [POCKETPC] section of fpse.ini file.
Added Gsensor Invert for HTC that have this problem, to active it, [POCKETPC] section Gsensor_Invert=1
Added mappable button for Onscreen Menu to reset all button in one time, just add into your skin directory, within menu10.ini:

Update 01/18/2010!
Ok DirectX is Fixed with savestate and normaly Screen orientation too.
CPU samsung work well now on FpseCE , a tester has confirmed there's no more crash on Samsung proc.

Update 01/17/2010!
After somes comments on last release, i understood that DirectX has broken something in savestate, at least on HD2.
So i resend immedialtly a new update to all supporters on which i suggest to put GFXDRV to 2 until i fix this small problem.

Update 01/16/2010!
Multitouch is finally working well even with Stylus move mode now, except that it's limited to that, you move using your finger on the screen and then you press an OnScreen button, if you press a button then after you try to slide with another finger, this won't work for now... it's more difficult due to somes limitations into current maner on how multitouch message are catched... it will be better when HTC will provide SDK...(if they are reading)
I have fixed DirectX problem, this should work on all devices....
And surprise on HD2 it's smoother and more responsive...
HD2 is automatically detected now, then FpseCE multitouch windows message are catched automatically.
I did somes others Fix here and there...

Update 01/12/2010!

Multitouch is working like a charm, i'm myself impressived, games are really playable!!
For now just Onscreen Static buttons support multitouch, but it's marvelous.
Now i have to finish the implementation of Digital and Analog PAD emulation by sliding finger on the screen and then Multitouch will be complete!
I think that HD2 owner supporters would see that from their own eyes, that why i propose from a request to send you this WIP version.
I played very well Games like Gran Turismo and Crash bandicoot with current multitouch implementation status!

Changes made since Christmas Release to 01/06/2010. (Last Version sent to Supporters)

- Fixed strange Latency on HD2, its touchscreen interface is surely different than all other device with resistives Screen, i found that Windows PRESS message comes a bit later compare to others devices with resistive Screen and RELEASE Message comes too closely after the PRESS message.... Is it a 'bug' of the current firmware or did they had no solution With the Resistive screen... i doubt, because Ifrench900Addict found a tool for HD2 that let users tune the Latency... perhaps the answer of the problem...
Anyway ,all Devices should work better with Onscreen button now, because fix i made help FpseCE to catch TOUCH message more oftenly...

- Fixed Same Latency Problem with Guncon emulation

- Fixed Landscape Right Guncon emulation, on which when we shoot the left Part of the screen between A and B, nothing happend...

- Fixed a first incompatiblity problem with old Samsung Processor and the Fast Memcopy code optimized for ARMv5. (A second problem stay, i have to seek it but it seem FpseCE start now on devices with such Processor)

- Enabled Onscreen buttons when Multifix is set.

- Added Gsensor support to HTC devices which is also compatible with Samsung devices if you install the good DLL.

- Change on how i handle Gsensor, it's more accuracy now, and very usuable for Platform Games, especially those which support Analog Pad.

- Added support to BT gamepad like the MSI / GINPUS BGP100 or the COM1 Bluetooth Gamepad. You just need to Pair your Device with your Gamepad, it's all, no need to use any driver, FpseCE handle the PAD directly... to use it just add to fpse.ini into JOY0PAD section BTPAD=X where X is the COM number you set when pairing.
- New BT Gamepad handling routine, more accurate, faster, and should work now on any Device.

- Starting to implement Multitouch on HD2, current version received by supporter doesn't still include Multitouch but include the Final FIX for HTC HD2, no more Latency! to use it, you need to include a new line into fpse.ini within [POCKETPC] section, just add this line:
And Be sure you have the HTC Album application closed with Task manager or Latency Fix won't work.

After that , i hope to receive positive feedback from supporters then i'll work on a new packaged FREE version.
(1.66 MiB) Downloaded 1349 times
Menu10 updated (240x130).rar
(20.39 KiB) Downloaded 850 times

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Re: Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 Release.

Postby derta » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:17 pm

I'm really impressed at your work. I thought you would take break after the Christmas release. Hey, this would have been only human given your health situation and all the stress making this release reality. Now the next thing I will do, is organize a credit card so I can donate for this great piece of software.

Edit: Can somebody link or pm me the COM1 Bluetooth Gamepad schtruck is talking about?

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Re: Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 Release.

Postby D69K » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:32 pm

dude .. you are genius :)
i mean to be able to come with those fixes in such a little time ..
i guess that multi-touch wouldn't take long :)
taking that you have fixed a lot of things in such a short time .. only by your self :)
also about the latency fix ..
it seems that it still have a little latency maybe about 15% of the previous problem .. is that just me or does that happen to others too ..??
and does that have something to do with the sensitivity of the screen ??
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Re: Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 Release.

Postby schtruck » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:37 pm

Com1 gamepad is black, but as you will understand all of these come from China, like this one :



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Re: Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 Release.

Postby jamuk2004 » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:41 pm

You are a god amongst men!

Thank you for your continued hard work.

I'm hope you are being rewarded both in kind and in many donations :D
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Re: Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 Release.

Postby schtruck » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:45 pm

D69K wrote:dude .. you are genius :)
it seems that it still have a little latency maybe about 15% of the previous problem .. is that just me or does that happen to others too ..??
and does that have something to do with the sensitivity of the screen ??

Yes i suppose it can be fixed by tunning the Latency from register, it's surely what the famous tool Ifrench900addict talked to me does..

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Re: Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 Release.

Postby derta » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:52 pm

schtruck wrote:Com1 gamepad is black, but as you will understand all of these come from China, like this one :



ah ok, thank you

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Re: Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 Release.

Postby Phaedrus Nine » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:56 pm

Thank you schtruck, all these updates for HTC devices in such little time is amazing. Looking forward to trying out the g-sensor and eventually multi-touch.
How do I go about donating again, I don't need to be sent the file again though as i'm already a supporter or does it matter?
Just wondering, but where is this. latency fix tool that frenchaddict found? i searched but found nothing
Thanks again
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Re: Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 Release.

Postby senatorpaulo » Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:22 pm

Thanks schtruck, keep up the great work!

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Re: Changes on FpseCE since Christmas 2009 Release.

Postby mastanobu » Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:17 am

Great news schtruck! I was waiting to buy the gamepad in fear it would not work with my phone, but now it will (at least with FpseCE).

For anyone who has used the BT gamepad, have you noticed any drop in FPS?
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